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  1. William Schwank says:

    Hi, I am a double amputee on my legs with mental health issues. I went to federal prison in December 2003 was realeased july 2019. Upon my release from prison i attempted to hold a full time job. The job became to overwhelming for me to handle. I had a hard time being up on my prosthetics for that long of a period of time and my mental health issues being pretty much institutionalized it was just to much for me.
    I signed up for SSI in December of 2019 in which i thought would be my best option before my life spiraled downhill. Well here it is July 2021 and i am still waiting on a decision. Low and behold my life is a mess. I have been living on the streets for 17 months now and of course i am still a double amputee my mental health issues are out of control to the point that i am feeling life is not worth it. I am a depressed schizophrenic so i have a hard time going to get professional help. I am alone and really don’t like being around people due to my time in prison. The only one thing that is a plus is i am clean from drugs and alcohol.
    I have talked to the people at the determination center and explained my situation to them with no avail.
    I am begging you Your Honor if there is anything you can do to help with my SSI i would greatly appreciate it. I just don’t know how much longer i can survive living this way.
    Thank You For Your Time

  2. Anonymous says:

    ALJ Kathleen H Switzer is a very fair judge that reviews your medical evidence thoroughly. If you provide the Judge with complete documented prove such as MRI’s , Cat scans, Surgery reports, A complete history of medical records that also include a doctors clearly written RFC that documents you can’t do sedentary work you will be approved. If you do not have clearly documented proof of the fact you cannot do sedentary work you should not expect to be approved. The Administrative Law Judges have rules to follow, just because you say I have pain or depression is not a reason that Tax Payers should pay your bills. If you are capable of performing Sedentary work that takes place mostly sitting down, but allows lifting up to 10 pounds, occasionally carrying objects (like files), and walking and/or standing up to two hours per day then ALJ Kathleen H Switzer will order you to do so. Thank you Judge Kathleen H Switzer for carefully reviewing all my medical evidence and providing me with a fair justified decision.

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