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  1. Emily Olivia Marton says:

    Oh yeah, she definitely needs to be unbenched from ever being a judge again. She made a transphobic comment in her decision against me. And contradicted herself in my disability. Obviously doesn’t belong in Colorado. Or being in any job with authority.

  2. Anonymous says:

    She ignored significant parts of my testimony, made medical assessments she is not qualified to make, made statements in my denial letter that were flat out wrong, and was more than 70 business days late with my decision. I did some research and found a class action suit against a similar judge in New York State. She should be disbarred and her victims compensated for her injustices.

  3. Courtney Miller says:

    Kathleen Laub is an awful human. She cherry picks through disabled individuals cases, denying people based on lies and inaccuracies where its convienient and omitting relevant facts that would award disability to those needing it. She has no business as an Administrative Law Judge nor being labeled as “honorable.” She clearly has a power and control motive and deserves all the pain and suffering of those disabled individuals she has crookedly denied Social Security benefits to. I wish her this pain and suffering, or even worse.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This judge is a miserable human being. Because of this, she inflicts her anger and frustration out on claimants and attorneys. She ignores 10th Circuit precedent in evaluating evidence. She ignores Social Security regulations, particularly the “5-Day Rule.” Her interpretation of the 5-Day Rule has no basis in law or fact. Claimants will not receive a fair hearing or due process with this judge.

  5. Ted Yosses says:

    I am a disabled man as of December 2012.
    Social security stole my benefits!
    Kathleen is a party to theft by helping social security commit this fraud & abuse against me.
    The recording of our hearing clearly shows Kathleen would talk over me, like a child would, not allowing me to state facts that prove my case unequivocally!!!
    It’s on & everyone is becoming famous for all the wrong reasons, especially Kathleen’s lying face. NBC, cbs, cnn, etc…will all get the facts proving not only that you stole my benefits but you violated my civil rights!
    Hello bar association!
    You ppl stole from the wrong person!!!!

  6. Ted Yosses says:

    Kathleen is a party to theft. Social security stole my benefits & she helped! You ppl violated my civil rights! It’s on & when I’m done, everyone is becoming famous for all the wrong reasons, especially Kathleen’s lying @ss!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Witnessing a judge with an apparently crooked agenda and an attitude that she can treat disabled people as criminals, bully them, even sexually harass them, including use of intimidation, has led me to contact SSA directly and we are in the process of filing a formal complaint. I encourage others to also file their complaints. Were you also denied an advocate? Did Judge Laub seem intent on taking your hearing time to push you to reschedule (after 2 years of waiting!), in order to have legal representation that you did not want (to have to give them your money, because you only pay if you win!)–does she only award based on lawyers receiving a percentage of your money? Are you a male whom she used sexual intimidation against as a courtroom tactic? Or maybe you are female and she committed a verbal sexual assault against you? All this happened and more, which is why I am not standing for it–bullies need to be terminated from jobs that require intelligence, not intimidation. Bottom line, as many disabilities can result from assaults, including sexual, a judge who behaves in this manner, has no business working with disabled people. She belongs in a criminal court!

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