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  1. Catherine Gaither says:

    I’m not too certain if this location is even a REAL social security judge?

  2. MRSA says:

    I learned if your medical records were not considered accurately, the hearing information was mis-translated in the decision letter, and you know you were treated unfairly, you can issue a formal complaint against the ALJ who mishandled your case. Go to SSA.GOV and search on complaint against ALJ. Anyone who feels their claim was mishandled should file an appeal and a complaint. This is what this judge did to me and I have MRSA, home up for foreclosure on 9/20 and AC has been out for a week. I worked for 47 years. I have been unable to work since 5/2014, used my 401K, sold everything I could and very sick. I wouldn’t want this if I could go back to work. I hate not working. Being on Medicaid, I can’t get the medical treatment I need. I told her these things. In the letter, she stated she only reviewed my records up to 2015. I couldn’t believe it. I paid in for all 47 years and I am about to end up homeless!

  3. MRSA says:

    This Judge is either incompetent or plain mean. She didn’t review records going forward from 2015 and my illness is much worse. Further, she misquoted the occupational therapist regarding my ability to work saying I could stoop, kneel, etc. I told her in the hearing I can’t even use my bath tub because I can’t use my arms and legs to get out. I requested a CD of the hearing to make sure I remembered it correctly and I did. I’m filing an appeal but because of her incomplete and inaccurate decision, my home will be foreclosed. I have worked continuously for 47 years and she had all my records. I’m on 12 medications which she didn’t address at all. This is just another indication of our terrible government at work. Sad sad sad. They have my money and I’m losing everything.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This ALJ does not properly apply the law or job classifications based on fact. She arbitrarily and capriciously makes judgement calls. She believes that anyone that can ride a motorcycle can work. I am sorry if arbitrarily and capriciously offends anyone, but this is exactly how she works.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This ALJ does not properly apply the law or job classifications based on fact. She arbitrarily and capriciously makes judgement calls. She believes that anyone that can ride a motorcycle can work.

  6. J.Medina says:

    I just want to say this Judge approved my case AFTER MANY UNFAIR DENIALS I have been living like a pauper for years fighting for my benefits. I have been so sick and she looked at things and read them researched the facts in my case and saw the unfairness and granted me a fully favorable decision. She has no idea though it won’t cure my illness and disability it has enabled me to survive. I thank her so much may God Bless her!! Great judge !!! Fair and honest

  7. Craig Patterson says:

    I found this judge to be through, professional and well prepared. She was personable while being efficient even though my appearance was over an hour long. All of the personal (the vocational and the note taker) in her court were clearly on the same page as Judge Mucerino. It seemed to me that they have worked together for awhile.

    The only question I had after leaving is when the “on set” date of my disability would be considered. According to my attorney it could be the date of application (June 2011)or perhaps the date I stopped working June 2010. An argument could be made that while I continued to work I was in fact disabled I 2006.

    Since I have no idea of the rules determining this I will rely on the Judge for a determination. No matter the decision I am confident that it will be correct.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know her decision yet. But I am very concerned about it as she made a remark at the end that I will NEVER forget. She said “You must understand that it is very hard for me to label someone your age disabled for the rest of your life.” I have a progressive autoimmune disease that has NO cure and NO real treatment. It WILL get worse and it WILL eventually take my life. I am in my forties with the health of someone almost twice my age. I pray that she fully understands this and my need to help care for myself and my family. I am scared because of her statement. The unknown is the worst part.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Judge Kathleen Mucerino was great. She was well prepared for my case and asked questions that pertained to my disability. She spoke respectfully and never seemed as if she was uninterested in my case. My lawyer had spoken to me over the phone prior to my hearing and said that she might come off as being short and hard with her questions. It was nothing like that. I was a little nervous going into the hearing, but within minutes, my mind was at ease. I believe that she use my statements and make a well educated decision.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Disorganized and crabby.

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