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  1. debborah says:

    being a victim of emothional distress and abusive gaslighting I had gotten to where i rarely left my home….i am not sure if she understood really what had happened to me but she did make me feel like she listened to me and she was very polite , caring and seemed concerned for me as a person…that is something i wish on nobody but she did not make me feel crazy or stupid but she seemed genuine with the questions she asked and i am not sure what her decision will be but at least she took the time to really listen to me and that was apparent by the questions she asked whicvh is not easy for someone who has been put thru hell for the past 17 months.


    she was very nice and understanding she made me feel very comfortable haven’t got a decision yet but i know she will make this best choice with information given. thanks for listen to me.

  3. Kizzie Castille says:

    Just wanted to say Judge Molinar you were my daughter judge for her hearing n I’m truly blessed to have u as her judge u listened to her n made her feel very comfatable at the hearing n we still haven’t heard anything so I’m hoping u made the best decision u can in her case n whatever your decision is I support it n you also thank you for being my daughters judge

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