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  1. Barnaby Rogers says:

    I had my hearing with Judge Pilkay. He was fair and he listened to me. He was signing when I went into the courtroom. He said some hippy thing while I was testifying. He kinda looked like Robert Redford in the good days. He has a really pretty singing voice too. I think maybe he was a country singer or something? He kept talking about bigfoot too. But I liked him and he made it real easy.

  2. Teddy eaton says:

    He did not listen , was unpredictable when he and the other morons were not i nterested !if i had smoked all my life drank all my and never worked the moron s ! Will approve you ! Assbackward s usa !go in there and lie youll get it tell truth the hell with ya !no stars !sittn there makin 6 figures !

  3. Teddy eaton says:

    How can gov and their judges approve people that have never worked. But punish those that have worked and paid in , give the ones that havent money that others have paid in !most work their buts off pass dont even get what they pay in but government gives to dead beats ,drunks dope head s, and obeise ,or copd these are their own fault !never mind forgot its usa

  4. Kathy R says:

    I had my hearing 15 days ago and am waiting for decision. Judge Pilkey seemed to listen to me, was aware of my medical records and professional. It is hard to wait but hoping for approval, but …. mentally trying to be prepared either way.

  5. Disabled and not appoved says:

    I have suffered for years with various conditions and I poured my heart out to him. I felt he was very understanding and felt my pain. Thought I was finally going to get help this time but didn’t happen. I’m very disappointed in his “Unfavorable Decision” for my last hearing. I cannot work and hadn’t worked for years now. I have multiple places I go for medical help but obviously it wasn’t enough. Conditions I have are approvable under the Disability act. The vocational advocate played a huge roll in my denial I think as she believes everyone can work, no matter their medical conditions. I would much rather be able to work and have money and insurance than to have to depend on family and friends to help me when they can. I guess you have to be on your deathbed in order to get approved. I have been denied for years but I am not gonna appeal his decision as you have to wait two years to get another denial from Falls Church, Va. I am disabled and I will continue to refile new applications til I get approved or die,,whichever comes first. Although, I have had friends who have died while awaiting a decision. This is uncall for. How is one suppose to live during such a long process? I need medical help and because I have no insurance, I can’t get help. Any solutions?

  6. James Smithey says:

    Is one of the best judges I have seen listened to me.and was very concerned about me thanks

  7. trav says:

    Great judge, took the time to listen to me and was very understanding.

  8. Anonymous says:

    He is the finest man I have ever known.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Reasonable, nothing tricky about him. Straightforward, but does not accept BS. Good judge.

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