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  1. Jules says:

    Great judge . Very personal and very observative and understanding

  2. Anonymous says:

    Denver ODAR getting a really good ALJ in Judge Day. Judge Day has been in Shreveport ODAR and was a pleasure to go before as a representative. She is fair and a great disposition for a Judge. I wished she had not left Shreveport, but I don’t blame her for going to a place like Denver. Best wishes to her!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    GREAT Judge. Her hearings a laid back and she listens to everything. really a great experience.

  4. Jaydens Mommie says:

    She was kind hearted and took all my son medical evidence into consideration she listen to every thing I had to say… She treated my case fairly… Thanks Judge Day….

  5. Lisa Beverly says:

    She was sweet and understanding… She listen to everything I had to say… Thank you Judge Day

  6. Lisa says:

    She was a very understanding judge…. Ty Judge Day……

  7. Anonymous says:

    She was very polite…. Thank you Judge Day she was very understanding… Ty

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