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  1. nohermano says:

    SSA ODAR seems to exemplify
    the unconstitutional abridgement of a disabled person to peaceable assembly because they believe in being mentally or physically inhibited from normal accessibility to public places, or feel VERY DISTURBED TO PASS ALL UNDERSTANDING where the way to go is here and not UP TARE out of the light and shadows—and THEY YET MAY LIVE, pitifully…

  2. nohermano says:

    I can testify now: If Senator Cruz had life-threatening histamine issues which are NOT ORDINARY ALLERGIES and his doctor from the past had died so that he had self-medicated from lack of SSDI due to having faith to soldier on with Slaying Swords but not disposable income for health care NOT DUE TO NOT REPEALING OBAMACARE BUT TO NEVER APPLYING WITH REASONABLE INCOME LIMITS
    OF CHILDREN, INDIGENT PEOPLE, DISABLED PEOPLE WHO WERE MINIMALLY EMPLOYABLE WITH SEVERE HEALTH PROBLEMS OR UN-EMPLOYABLE WITH MENTAL HEALTH SCARS, OR MILITARY VETERANS OF THE ARMED FORCES HONORABLY DISCHARGED BETWEEN 1914 AND 2018; and not in possession of records of emergency treatment where his condition was ********** to well-trained doctors about a disease which has not been taken seriously by the American Medical Association; and then Ted’s disability was discredited by a person with legal ability but no fair competence about medical ability judging from hearsay of a subjective general medical person not any required living specialist summoned by the claimant or the SSA State Office of Disability Determination on request of the claimant subsequent to ODD denial pursuant to reconsderation apoeal—then we could be rid of Mr. Cruz having to be Senator Cruz, if he had not already one last of seeming myriad shocking, unfortunate events. HOWEVER, we would not get to be shocked for or without the claimant about his bicameral colleagues’ appallment at Paul Ryan’s proposal to destroy Medicare
    vecause we would have expected Senator Cruz’s friends Orrin and little MARCO first to have destroyed the SSA, thr ODD, and any kind of ODAR

  3. brucenovelli@gmail.com says:

    Judge Matthews was the most kind,relaxed,professional judge I have ever seem or been before.Her demeanor was very comforting,despite the stressful SSI process.I have not been notified of her decision,as my case is minor in comparison to most.I trust her decision will be sincere–as she seemed!THANK YOU Judge…Bruce Novelli

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