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  1. M a r i l y n w a g e r s says:

    I went before judge Terry when I was 61 years old now I’m 67 I had back pain neck pain neck pain and I was serious about my my situation he was very mean and abrupt to me he insulted me in front of a bunch of people he talked to me as if I was a criminal and he spoke to me like I should be in jail he was very mean and hateful and this judge is terrible he’s a terrible person and I just can’t stand what happened because it hurt me to my heart I hate him I really hate this man

  2. Pwill2878 says:

    I poured my heart out to this judge about my life my condition i almost cried the whole time not because of pitty but because it was my first time talking to someone about my situation… I waiting 3 months for his decision instead of just explaining why i wasnt disable he went the extra mile to let me know i wasnt worth shit in life..I’VE NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT TAKING MY LIFE UNTIL I READ HIS RESPONSE.. I GOT IN MY CAR AND RODE TO THIS LAKE BY MY HOUSE. AND THOUGHT ABOUT MY LIFE AND HARD IVE TRIED OVER THE YEARS.. I JUST KEPT GETTING HURT OVER AND OVER… I HAVE PTSD ANXIETY DISORDERS AND DEPRESSION.. JUDGE TERRY GOD IS WATCHING YOU..

  3. Ken Zah Jagoff says:

    Ken B Terry has no place on the bench and should be removed. He has no regard for the United States Code and the Federal Code of Regulations and the rules of evidence. He caused me to almost swallow a bottle of Ambien when I read his decision. I’ve come close to deciding to end my life several times since his decision was issued. I also had to have surgery to correct the herniated disc that was in my neck that hadn’t been caught on MRI as of the time of the hearing but he didn’t believe my complaints of the symptoms. But the surgeon who performed my surgery confirmed the state of the disk when he removed two of them and fused the neck. Now they are talking about extending the fusion in the future. Nice job Ken! Jagoff!! I had my therapist who is very trained at reading people took a read Ken’s decision and he said “This man is angry about something”. The Fed. Dist. Court ruled that they could not overturn his decision by law but that they disagreed with it and that had the Fed. Magistrate Judge been my ALJ that he would have approved my case at the ALJ hearing. Ken and the ALJ’s that work for the SSA were not appointed according to the Appointment’s Clause of the Constitution. But the other courts have ruled that that is o.k. because if the ruling in the challenge had gone the other way against the ALJ Corps. then all of their decisions would be subject to vacated and all of those denials would be potentially approved. I noticed that Ken’s approval rate dropped to only 32% in 2018. I wonder why he strayed so far from the average towards the bottom of the list when it comes to approvals in 2018. Was Ken going through a divorce or something unpleasant? If it were not for the Judicial Immunity I would be suing him personally to rectify that which the higher courts did not. The courts are supposed to be there so when someone like Ken wrongs someone like me that I can seek peaceful resolution of the case instead of violent ones. One might not know this but the creation of courts to resolve disputes among men is deviled from Judaism and the Talmud, Old Testament and Torah. This was to provide alternatives to bloody resolution of disputes. But Ken hides behind immunity on his bench and cannot be sued unless you can prove that he violated your civil rights and even then you will have a horrible time trying to file a civil action against a seated judge. If you drew this judge do anything to get in front of a real ALJ and not Ken. Ken your one of the biggest jagoffs that I ever met in my life and I wish I never would have met you or heard your name. Also, Ken needs to read ~404.1527 for the claims filed before 3/27/2017. He clearly has no understanding of this CFR. I hope you rot in hell when you die someday. It won’t be by my hand or by my order. But someday you will cross the wrong person aside from me or maybe just die of old age and then you will have to answer for your actions. I hope you 100K+ salary causes you to live well because I have a feeling in your next life you won’t be enjoying what happens to your soul assuming you have one…….I survived a sixty foot fall, seizures, 40 foot fall, meningitis, whooping cough, MRSA with P.E. and Acute Septic Renal Nephritis (acute renal failure). I have an idopathic seizure disorder, chronic pancreatitis, six previously fractured vertebra, scoliosis – two types, DDD, sciatica, Depressive Disorder, ADHD, Anxiety Disorder, Suicide Attempts, severe arthritis/arthrosis of the facet joints, my ankle was surgically put back into fractured displacement and has ten screws and a plate in it from the sixty foot fall. And now I am waiting to find out if I have cancer or not. I’ve had major surgery since Kens erroneous decision and countless injections and an ablation of the L4/5 exiting nerve root to stop the parathesia of the right foot and sciatic pain that Ken didn’t believe. And that’s after about 20 rounds of injection in my lifetime prior to the displeasure of meeting Ken B Terry. May you rot in hell when your days are done Jagoff!!!

  4. charles totherow says:

    So I had a hearing in front of this judge may 23 2019. I had three car accidents and got herniad disk in my neck and my lower back. I had two neurologists with all medical evidence and 6 other different doctors with all my medical evidence he still denied me for disability and at the hearing seems like he was grilling me about my whole life. I haven’t had a steady job in over three years due to this pain and very hard to work. Thank alot asshole

  5. R.F. Burling (dgt) on behalf of Elizabeth Olson says:

    My hearing was on April 4, 2019. Judge Terry I found to be professional , respectful and kind. I was overwhelmed as like I’m sure everyone else in financial dire need is and of course I was emotional and began to cry.I was a public servant for 35 years, a nurse and I loved my patients but as I got sick I had to stop taking care of them and I miss them terrible and if I could I would go right back to taking care of them . I never thought I would be in need of care. Thank god for my daughters .
    My car is going to be repossed and my home foreclosed on and I’ll have to move in with my daughter. I am grateful and do understand the significance of establishing disability in every case. I do think our system may need some enhancing as 2.5 years is along time to be denied or approved . We need to find a solution to this problem because people are loosing there homes after 32 years of fighting so hard to keep our homes. My foreclosure starts June 1st I’m not sure how it will go but it is a materialistic item. I’ll go and stay with my daughter. But so far as the ALJ Terry , he was respectful and professional. My attorney was kind too. Guiding and speaking on my behalf. I do think we need to look at the process very closely and I am sure another solution or system can be thought of and the system be revised.

  6. Amy says:

    3 out of 4 nos on the hypotheticals, 2+ years of medical documentation from 3 doctors practically identical to the Blue Book and you still denied my appeal. Today, Judge Terry, you devastated my family. You have affected our lives in ways that we may never recover, and most of them are not financial. More time should’ve been spent reading the reports instead of trying to read the person. Your statistics seem to show that you believe most people are liars. Shame on you for thinking you can see inside a person.

  7. Sheree J. Johnson says:

    Judge Terry is a biased an unfair Hearing Officer for this ODAR Court. In His unfavorable decision in my case, he ignored and/or neglected pertinent information purveyed in my testimony. Repeatedly, he contradicts himself throughout his written decision. He makes insinuations and pre-judgments instead of sternly weighing ALL of the evidence before him. He is a disgrace to the Law regarding SSA Rules and Regulations. And yes, his biased and unfavorable decision, despite the fact of overwhelming objective medical evidence as to my disability, is presently under review by the Appeals Council. Moreover, should the Council prove to be as biased as Judge terry, I will file my appeal in Federal Court. Judge Terry should shudder at the very thought of a Federal Judge being summoned to review my case.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I would love to write a book on my experiences with the SSDI process, as has been said to me, it is too unbelievable not to be true. I filed my first claim in May 2003 after being disabled from work for two years. In 2008, my paper file was inadvertantly destroyed, but it took four years for the Advisory Councel to admit this. In March 2013, I was finally able to recieve a hearing and a “fully favorable decision.” (NOT REALLY). My hearing was with this judge and I found him to be difficult to testify in front of. He was abrupt and inpatient with my explanations and responses. He seemed unwilling to take simple answers to questions and wanted very long explanations for the most minute situation. The reason for the fully favorable decision was a lot of lawyering by my attorney and a compromise on my part (a huge one to me). It took everything we had (myself and my lawyer) to convince this judge that I was disabled. You need a really incredible lawyer to stand up to this judge.

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