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  1. Susan Olding says:

    I was very nervous when I got to the hearing. From the very moment I arrived the courtesy of the security officer helped me settle down. It has been a very long road of ups and downs I was very thankful that Judge Kleber was patient and attentive to me and I found her to see me as a whole person. Judge Kleber was well prepared and my attorney was very impresse with her understanding of my case. Its been a long road of ups and downs and I hope that tomorrow will be a new day of of stability financially for me. I thank God for the glitches in the rocks that kept me from falling. Judge Kleber is a very sincere, kind, and patient disability law judge be prepared because she is!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Judge Kleber is well prepared so you better be as well. She speaks fast so be very attentive. She considers all the facts of the disability case including small details that you may think don’t matter. I found her to be very fair. The vocational expert that was assigned to my case was helpful. Be sure to get a good attorney to represent you.

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