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  1. Anonymous says:

    I wonder how many people of his 53% denial rating commit suicide? These heartless ALJs, like Peter Lee and Kenneth Ayers, are an absolute abomination to the legal system. You take someone who’s about to be homeless, cannot work, is at his ropes end, make him wait for 4 years… then just deny him? The blood is on your hands judge. Hope you sleep well at night knowing you could’ve saved a life but willingly chose not to.

  2. Adam Lass says:

    This man is a woke Democrat. His contempt for fellow Americans is obvious, he is inconsiderate and likes to belittle people. His narcist character reveals his ignorance and he has absolutely no remorse. He should run for a Democrat position in Congress … a perfect fit for miserable people.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Justice Warrior; How AWFUL! DONT GIVE UP! You still have the chance with the Appeals council even up to Federal Court! I also have a strong case yet been denied not by this judge but by another judge (Mark Solomon) that has the same negative stats like this judge and we are now awaiting the appeals councils decision! Which ever judge that has low approvals and high denials are not fair judges! If that judge denied such a severely disabled claimant like him, those who will enter that judges courtroom abandons all hope! 🙁 Yet, keep on fighting, like i am. My lawyers said that i have a good chance that my cases gets remanded that goes especially for that person you are representing he should be approved without question!

  4. It is appalling that there are monsters like Kenneth Judge Ayers in positions of making life and death decisions on peoples lives. After a 5 year battle , tons of evidence , dozens of doctors, this corrupt bias judge denied SSI to a homeless, severely disabled, special needs person, who in my care . In the denial it states and acknowledges that this person had multipule SEVERE conditions including autism, mental illness, spinal problems, malnutrition from EPI and much more. Yet he STILL denied this person life saving help and care! And left the burden of care on myself and his homeless family. A military family I might add with a combat disabled father who could not care for this special needs child and why I took on the fight and his care. The results of Judge Ayers decision on this person have been DEVISTATING! As has it been to myself and his family. If it wasn’t for me keeping him going he would not be alive! Judge Ayers decided to leave him in a state of neglect and torture from lack of care. Sadly now his father has passed from his combat injuries. Judge Ayers is a SADIST to deny this poor soul even the basics of survival. He basically threw out all the doctors evidence, denied everyone’s testimony as if all the Drs were frauds and we were all liars. Judge Ayers decided he knows more about medical and the ability to work than all these licensed medical professionals. If there is a hell , there is a place in the 9th level for Judge Ayers. HE will be judged and I pity him as no one is as low as someone like him to do what he did to this special needs child of this combat disabled veteran. His decision was absolutely despicable! This man is absolutely VILE! He needs to be DISABARRED.

  5. Pina Zabala says:

    I was just wondering how long Judge Ayers usually takes to make a decision after a hearing.

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