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  1. Frank Castle says:

    Despicable criminal, doing the Governments dirty work. Needs to be investigated. I am shocked none of his denials have tracked him down yet.

  2. Denny Hicks says:

    I wish I could’ve said more about my condition. There is not a day that goes by, that I don’t wish I could do more with my children. Unfortunately my health condition has prevented that. I’m a single father raising both of my kids by myself since they were babies. Over time my health has deteriorated and I cannot do hardly any outdoor activities with them. This hearing was my last attempt for any kind of help. I’m not able to work after 20 years of working. I wish I could’ve explained in better detail of how bad it has really gotten. The judge was polite and listened to everything I had to say but with limited time, you just can’t give every detail. My condition will only deteriorate more over time. Having 2 open heart surgeries, 2 heart valves replaced, compete heart block and a pacemaker and afib. I’m happy if I wake up everyday. The hearing was done over video due to changes from the pandemic. We had a few issues but we were able to get thru it. All in all he was kind, polite and did give me time to talk. This is my last hope and I’m hoping my outcome from this hearing was is based off of compassion and fairness because it is my last hope. I rated him because he was respectful and he seemed to listen to everything I did get to say.

  3. Anonymous says:

    So thankful that My Prayers were answered for a fair compassionate Judge that recognized after working My entire life I am no longer able..

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