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  1. Ms. Stokes says:

    I’d like to thank all of these judges for taking the time to hear the people’s cases. As I’m sure it’s a tough job, somebody has to do it, and I appreciate and respect them all for all they do. My case was heard in July and I received my decision in August. While I still do not fully understand the process of it all, I am saddened for those who are ultimately judged by the lives they’ve had to live , versus the disabilities they have to live with by no fault of their own. I could only hope that one day, life can be tolerable whereas it has been unbearable. Being born with something you have no control over is a fight within itself. Normal has never been a word in the vocabulary of my life. Without going into detail, I was denied..again. The fact that I keep getting denied isn’t what hurts most, it’s watching people abuse and lie to the same system that could look at my case/disability and say I don’t believe you deserve it although your disability is “severe.” I will continue to pray for all the others who struggle with life everyday, and have to prove their cases in court, and for the ones such as myself who lose their cases with good cause, good luck in the future.

  2. Kenneth Flowers says:

    My wife has a lot if mental health problems and I are for her daily she has had them since age 11 and is now 31. My wife was seen infront of judge Foley on June 29 th and they already mailed decicion today! My wife said that he truly was concerned for her he was very compassionate. Some people have to understand there doing there job!! There are so any people out here faking diseases serious diseases. GID bless them. My wife did have quite a different experience with judge Foley…

  3. Michael says:

    I found Judge Foley to be very understanding. He has to listen to a lot of cases, yet he took time to hear mine.

  4. jetaun says:

    I was insulted and laughed at by kevin foley. He is not fit to be called a judge. He said he didn’t understand why I have problems holding my urine due to spinal injuries. He doesn’t have MD after his name. He was very condescending to me and my injuries. He even questioned my mri disc that clearly showed the extent of my injuries. I have been out of work for three years due to my injuries. I had to move in with my Dad, who has retired and is now living on a fixed income. I am not as mobile because of the pain and depression. I have since gained about 60 lbs. Kevin foley feels my disability is mostly due to obesity. I had returned back to work for six months until I could no longer bare the pain. No one should be treated this way.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Just so some of you know, these judges work for the same government you’re try to get your benefits from and as so will almost always rule against you no matter what kind of medical problems you have, they don’t care about you or your families. I have been denied my claims since 2007 and was grilled not about my health problems by this judge but how I could afford to see a heart specialist when I had no income, didn’t even get a chance to properly address his question because he cut me off very rudely. Another thing you need to take into consideration is that ALL of these judges have already reviewed your case long before you get into their so called courtroom and have already made their decisions!

  6. John W. Craft says:

    I found Judge Foley very polite and seemed to be very knowledgeable about some of my medical conditions. He did however seemed upset with the lack information in the medical records sent from numerous doctors. I would hope that none of this would be held against me, as I have no control of what is in the medical reports. He also seemed concerned that after I had been denied previously twice and was financially suffering and tried to return to work but only made it 4 months before being terminated for to much time missed for hospital stays but made a substantial amount of money during that time before I refiled for disability. I hope he does not hold this against me because I want to work but just am not able anymore with numerous health problems. He seemed fair and I certainly hope so because I am at the end of my financial means.

  7. James Johnson says:

    I had heard negative comments about this judge before going into my hearing, but I didn’t find them to be true. He made me feel comfortable and was very pleasant. He did ask questions, but nothing that I felt was out of line, condescending or inappropriate. I felt he paid attention to my responses and understood my condition.

  8. Ms. A. Harris says:

    Wow! the previous comments are in contrast to my experience with Judge Foley. I felt his questioning of my case was reasonable and I did not feel that he was being disrespectful at any time during the hearing. I am not just saying this to earn brownie points. Regardless of the outcome of my claim I did not find him to be unreasonable. I feel if I were in his position I would want to know the same things he wanted to know about my claim. The part of this process I have a problem with is not the judge. I may not understand every aspect of the process but I do know I waited nearly three years for this hearing and now I am waiting another 90-120 days for a decision on my appeal. I don’t think this wait time is reasonable, especially after waiting so long for a hearing. What’s the point of having a hearing if the judge or any other decision making person gets an additional 3 -4 months to pick apart the claim. The playing field is certainly not level. I didn’t get an additional 3-4 months to explain or prove my case further. I want the people making the decisions to understand it is pure torture to make people wait and wait and wait on an answer that should have been given at the time of the hearing. I submitted evidence to support my claim and I don’t know why that is not sufficient to have made a decision at the time of my hearing. If my claim is denied I think I should be able to skip any further processes with this office and appeal directly to the US Supreme court level with a valid argument that my claim was handled unfairly. If ODAR gets additional time to try to prove me able to work. I should be awarded the same amount of time to show why I am unable to work. It’s sad that this system is broken there are people who don’t need benefits that are approved automatically and people who really need it cant get it and pay the price for the ones taking advantage of the system. I’m tired of not knowing where my next meal is coming from and if you have to endure this for three years you would be too. please make a decision on my case, “reasonable” left the building the moment the hearing was over without a decision being made. I have lost everything due to my medical condition and I just want to recover some of what has been lost and survive as best as I can. If there is not a case out there that has been approved on less than what I submitted than I won’t complain but I know better and I am just as entitled if not more entitled to my benefits as some people who have been approved for benefits but are able to work. I wish I could work, I could make more monety.. and those people taking advantage of disability need to either pay back the benefits or go to jail. If my claim is denied or my back pay altered there is no way at this point for anyone at Social Security Administration to argue that this is NOT a matter of discrimination.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This so called Judge is just that, he judges you even before the case starts, he uses half of what you say against you and doesn’t listen to anything you have to say, I’m a smoker so he judged me as unfit for benefits I worked and paid in for, he used only parts of my statements to rule against me in my claim not even caring that I haven’t been able to work, do yard work or have any kind of a meaningful life since my health has went down so much, I tried to go back to work and found out that my legs, heart and back would not allow me to do so, but this a$$ thinks I should sell off my bought and paid for home and take a chance on a job hundreds of miles from where I live and that the jobs I can do are plentiful outside of my county! He doesn’t care that if I was able to find a sit down only job that I could do that if the company decided I wasn’t able to do it later on that me and my family would join the ranks of homeless street people that are gathering in this country.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Judge Foley: Arrogant, condescending, rude, smart ***. Treats claimants as if they are on trial for horrendous crimes. Fails to allow claimant to thoroughly defend case. When trying to explain illnesses, etc., he will cut you off and tell you how wrong you are. Makes pre-judgments without hearing sufficient evidence or allowing claimant to demonstrate when needed. Makes unrealistic judgments as to claimant’s health, without requiring proof while claimant is right there in front of him. Hesitant to interview witnesses and get the whole picture.

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