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  1. All the people involved is Bart International Peggy local 192 Avon Williams and everyone that works there as well as the whole retirement Department knows about my case keeps me below poverty and doing it on purpose and playing a game refuses to send over my SSDI but yet they’ll use it for other workers and won’t pay me we’re inside person that uses Faja Scott and Ellen Marie Lee who works for Social Security to make sure my case get blocked

  2. AC Transit retirement Department refuses to give me my SSDI and told me I would not receive it until I’m 67 years old as well as Kelly Easter Grant who has been stealing from directly from Social Security inside job with Sandra Scott and Ellen Marie Lee it is a legal be due to the fact that I’m a commercial driver who had several surgeries and I have metal Parts which is illegal and I’m supposed to automatically get Social Security they’re working with people from the inside to block my Social Security and still in it as well as local 192 Yvonne Williams the union rat

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