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  1. Tammi says:

    Thank you Judge Kevin ,
    I am very greatful .

  2. Deborah says:

    This judge omits medical documents that would be found in your favor. His examiners Cherry pick and combine different lab tests together. I mean taking 1 medical term from one report and another term from another report so it looks as if your not following doctor’s orders or to manipulate the findings. In my case another person’s disability
    information was inserted into my document. Make sure you are well aware of your medical documents and do not go alone. If you don’t have an attorney they will walk all over you and smile while they are doing it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank you.

  4. Edward says:

    He did not dismiss my case, he denied it. He said my leg surgeon opinion about me need variable unscheduled breaks was not accepted because it was not worded in vacationally-relevant terms. He also never mentioned any side effects of my 15+ medications, two being pain pills for leg pain from 62% blockage in my leg. In fact he never even mentioned my medications whatsoever at the hearing at all, even though I walked in with a whole bag full. Pretty sure they were listed on many of my 1500+ pages of medical records in my file. I was treated unfairly most likely because im only 46 and not 50 and will fight this to the end.

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