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  1. Been There, Done That says:

    You will lose with this judge. Be prepared for an appeal. He clearly is looking to deny. Not fair or impartial. With an approval rating under 38% is well under the National Average. I hope he enjoys remands because they are coming his way.

  2. Anonymous says:

    His approval rating will fall into the 30s soon. Having practiced SSD law for over 30 years, I knew when I first appeared in front of him my claims were heading toward Appeals Council. He takes over the hearing and asks leading questions of your claimant that are calculated to provide the answers he wants to find against him or her. Now that the law allows judges like him to apply great weight to the opinions of the consultants, he will and already has utilized that rule to increase your client’s RFC to a level that conveniently results in an unfavorable or partially favorable decision with no back pay. He will ignore additional limitations when he constructs his RFC and frames his hypothetical questions. Be ready to respond to this by crossing the vocational expert and point to specific exhibit numbers as the basis for additional limitations. You have to get your file ready for Federal Court as his denials are often no based on substantial evidence.

  3. Alyssa Taylor says:

    Fair and competent. An ASSET to ODAR!

  4. Penélope Grace says:

    Caring Outstanding Intelligent Fair Patient, THE BEST!

  5. Shanun Lock says:

    Judge Kevin Detherage is a very fair and equitable judge he listens attentively to all his cases and makes his decisions according to the law I respect that. S. Lock

  6. Jason says:

    It was nice to see this judge seemed to care and actually spent the time to try and understand my issues and why I in front of him instead of an “in-out” case like ordering a meal at mcdonalds.

  7. Kathy D. McQueen says:

    I think Judge Kevin J. Detherage is an outstanding judge. Wishing him all the best in Ohio!!!

  8. Precious Symphony says:

    Very smart judge and very competent. Decisions are fair, objective, and well-reasoned. He takes the time to hear the issues and renders solid decisions.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This guy doesn’t have a clue. That he has been appointed to this type of position without having any background in Social Security law is a testament of all that’s wrong with the federal judiciary. Unfortunately, the bottom line here is that he simply isn’t very smart. His decisions repeatedly ignore the issues critical to just resolution of the claimants’ respective claims and typically go off on irrational and bizarre tangents. He has no idea how to conduct a hearing in a timely manner and is incapable of focusing in on questions that bear some materiality to the issues at hand. God help you if you draw this moron as your judge because you will need all the hope He can provide you.

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