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  1. Jay Roveda says:

    Kevin Messer is a fraudster, a liar, a cheat and a traitor to the United States Constitution, to the people and to all of our military service members. Kevin defrauded me, a 100% Disabled Marine Corps Veteran that exited the Marine Corps in 2009 as a Disabled Veteran. Kevin ignored the medical records provided by the VA and outright contradicted their findings of complete and total disability following my discharge from active duty in 2009. The VA lists me as “INDIVIDUALALLY UNEMPLOYABLE” due to injuries and trauma sustained during service in the Marine Corps. Kevin does not respect our service men and women, defrauding countless disabled veterans, leaving them financially ruined or homeless. I intend to begin publishing my story about how Kevin Messer defrauded me and generated a fraudulent $70,000+ debt against me. Kevin continues contradicting the Veteran’s Administration’s medical doctors and staff who are responsible for my treatment. Kevin has stated that I am no longer disabled in contradiction to all findings and services rendered by the Veteran’s Administration. According to the Veterans Administration, currently I am a 100% disabled Marine Corps veteran. There is no telling how many other service members have been harmed by this fraudster Kevin Messer.

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