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  1. Sam says:

    Disability is determine solely on my medical records.
    Judge Walker is not a Medical Profession as I was told by my attorney.
    So we were very shock and disappointed in the denial of my social security disability, after 3 long years of process.
    If he actually understood of all my medical conditions, I would have definitely have been approved.
    I read some of the facts he used to conclude denial, it’s absolutely ridiculous.
    Only fact I could tell all of you is that my COMPETENT MEDICAL PHYSICIANS treats me regular basis. I don’t think they sees me and treat me for no reason.
    I look normal outside, but It shouldn’t affect the coutcome of his decision.
    I also maintain/grooming myself well as a part of medical treatment.
    I paid taxes and I am not asking for a hand out.
    I felt the denial was prejudice, discriminating and injustice.
    I don’t recall him giving me any chance to speak regarding my case.

    Enough Said.

    I give him 1 star for explaining the process clearly and calmly.

  2. Brooke drew says:

    He was very nice, listened to everything I had to say. He didn’t seem to have any hateful words or comments, was very pleasant. It helped calm my anxiety a lot about the hearing. He wanted to make sure he had every single piece of evidence before he made a decision. Which was very fair and nice. I Haven’t gotten a decision yet, but I felt very good about the hearing. Let’s hope I’m right!

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