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  1. Anonymous says:

    I tried to erase my previous comment, knowing parrish could not know dr Horton’s treatment of me. sorry judge parrish, I hope no one else who has gone through what I have makes this mistake. It was Horton not parrish, who did an awful thing to me. my lawyer not parrish who let it be hidden, to their benefit.

  2. cowboy down and hurting says:

    dr Donald d Horton,used him like a tool .he is not smart enough to see through this.should this kind of ignorance be a judge? Horton told me would do this and sure enough parrish fell for it . because we can not make our argument in court and our lawyers will not in fear of drs and judges feeling towards them and their money.

  3. Anonymous says:

    terrible JUDGE. medical info wrong. denial was so off, wrong diagnoses and omitted very important criteria like med effects,psyc evals,mentioned surgeries never claimed.lawyer said it was one of the worst denials he had ever seen.a three sentence judges rfc with no credible explanation.run don’t walk,from him.a very myopic man.

  4. helpless in okc says:

    judge parrish got almost everything wrong ,gender, surgery, releasing drs name,opined surgical dr who i changed right after surgery.lawyer said it was one of the worst denial letters she had ever seen.he ignored mental and medication effects. ignored his own occupational expert.lazy lazy lazy!

  5. used to like says:

    as a lawyer i just read the last post on judge parrish.i could not agree more!!!!!

  6. cowboy down says:

    gave very very quick denial.it was a little over 6 pages start to finish.called me a her and she three times ,i am male.said i claimed surgeries i never had. said i claimed no problem with meds ,i take 350 mg soma, 10 mg norco ,1.0 mg zanax ,100 mg linsopril,dulera twice a day and chronic sinus infection meds eveyday.got medical information wrong at least 5 times.said i was not credible,who was the real inept one[s] here?real lazy judge horrible info and effort writing denial.i see his denials are rising fast,is he on a qouta?a real idiot.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Judge Parrish is extremely prepared for his hearings. He works to listen carefully to issues related in the cases. I wish all our Judges who represent our courts were as dedicated and sincere as Judge Parrish.

  8. Anonymous says:

    So my son has been disabled since the age of 3, determined by a different ALJ, but has soon has he turned 18, he is no longer disabled. This system needs to be fixed. The SSI system really needs an overhaul, and they need different judges to handle the cases.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Arrogant and very narcissistic, not competent to hold such a position . He treats disabled very unfairly. Needs to be reported to federal social security officials about the way he treats disabled individuals and how he makes them feel.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I have had a couple of hearings with Judge Parrish. He appears to be in his 60’s. Has a very pleasant, low key demeanor. He is thoughtful and clear in his questions. I believe his normal practice is to ask one hypo based on DDS RFC and one based on treating doc’s or client’s testimony. He does use ME’s, although sometimes their specialty is not related to the client’s impairments. In my most recent hearing the ME was trying to be an advocate against the claimant and offered a number of speculative opinions.

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