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  1. Warren Goulden says:

    This judge saw my wife January 30th 2018. On April 20. 2018 she suffered a stroke. We tried to let this so called judge know this and was told can’t take any new information. On May 8th 2 days after she gotten out of the hospital. We got a denial letter from this judge. Based on a doctor report from 2012. Said her doctor information did not matter he lent little weight to his opinion. My wife passed away on November 18 2018. I hope you sleep good at night . You seen my wife and you should have been able to see that she needed help.

  2. Allen says:

    Seamed to be very nice man I saw that he was really concerned for my well being than anyone I have met in 41 yrs very well spoken an honest. I judge no one. I just need the help to live an have a life outside my nightmare bipolar skitso an boarder line personality disorder thanks an god bless

  3. Candy says:

    He denied my case based on someone else medical records that were mixed up with mine. The vocational expert said there were no jobs that I could do. Parrish wrote my denial usIng someone else’s medical records…an injury I did not have. He asked me if I had that injury and I said no. He was looking at someone else’s files. Their doctor said they could go back to work. He denied my case. After 1 year, my State Senator asked the review board to speed up the process. They immediately clos d my case. This took almost 5 years and now I do not have enough work credits to reapply because I cannot work. I have lost everything and can’t pay living expenses much less receive the medical help I desperately need. Kim Parrish is an incompetent disgrace to the court system.

  4. deborah says:

    2 time loser. After a federal judge approves case Parrish for second time denies. I was pressured to make a decision within a 3 min. window with attorney via Judge Perish to accept his watered down deal which guaranteed approval but would have to take half of the time of entitled , who does that….I wonder does he think my creditors/hospitals/doctors want half their money from the last 6 to 8 yrs. What is worse is he has the attorney convinced this a good deal. Im thoroughly outraged and disgusted at how the court system mistreats its citizens. How can a judge say he/she will approve a claimant for half their entitled time then not approve any benefits. Something very untoward about this process…

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