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  1. Marilyn Davis RN says:

    People that are truly disabled do not want to be. They want to work. Unfortunately they cannot work.
    There are people that think they can get disability based on what they feel are disabilities. THEY ARE WRONG! This judge is very fair.

  2. Gina Maria Consolini says:

    I am sure this judge is very fair hearing the case before her.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Kim Griswold denied my case even with proof I drink a lot of pills and with the mix of my pills I can’t even drive but reading the comments here she denied almost everybody that’s is wired

  4. Anonymous says:

    Stay away from this fraudulent judge. Former workers comp defense attorney, she will lie and misconstrue evidence to make sure you are not approved. Your odds are close to 0 with her. She forms a bias against you before you walk into your hearing. She will not care if you have 10 or all of the world’s leading experts treating you. She feels nothing for a person’s suffering. What a heartless, soulless woman.

  5. Approved in Hartford, CT says:

    She is intelligent, very direct, and thorough.

    I have zero doubt that she can sniff out the fakes. But if you truly have a disability that is severely impacting your ability to work, you’ll be met with respect.

    I would be more focused on having an honest and capable attorney than worrying about what Judge is going to be hearing the case.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I do not care for Kim K. Griswald, as she does not care for me. Yes, I have used substances throughout the years, probably because of my condition. My only hope to make it in this world was social security income, and now that’s shattered. She grilled me on my marijuana use, and honestly that stuff HELPS me, and I know this, because I’m me. It’s 2013, and I just got my decision of unfavorable. Thanks Kim

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