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  1. Justin Case says:

    I have taken over 100 claims to hearing, and many to the Appeals Council. I was naturally apprehensive about Judge Eason based on his stats but I found him to be one of the best ALJs that I have appeared before in my entire career. He is sharp, efficient, read my brief and commented on its degree of detail. He permitted witnesses, followed the regulations to a T, and I am confident that he will decide the claim correctly. He is the best that SSA has to offer.

  2. PAUL says:

    My ssdi claim was ON COURSE. Was even offered a possible OTR by a person at ODAR. Then after firing my 1st attorny at reconsideration as it occurred to me, it’s to Attorney’s ADVANTAGE by the protocol in place for 25% back pay. TO STRING IT ON. Now. ALJ EASEMAN I LIKED. I unfortunately 5-6 weeks before my SCHEDULED LONG AWAITED HEARING, began getting calls from a odar employee! Mind u, intentionally pushing and pushing and pushing me to hire a certain ATTOREY or risk LOSING. This is at the least, unethical. Oig special agent got involved and then it took 9 months of me using my seantor to GET SOME THINGS DONE. I’m not privy to the OIG findings. I’m looking into sueing tort and stress and pain and suffering for being intimidated into hiring A CERTAIN ATTORNY 4 weeks before my claim. I did not initially but gave in KNOWING AND FEELING I MAY LOSE, not on the merits of my CASE, but by not PLAYING ALONG WITH THE GAME. They gave 6k my yes MY MONEY AWAY. I’ll be appealing then looking into all my rights as a citizen against such craziness. I won on bench decision into the record. I appreciate THE ALJ EASMAN FOR SEEING THE TRUTH IN MY DISABLITY. But, beginning to look at the WHOLE PICTURE OF WHAT I STRONGLY BELIEVE IS GOING ON AND PREHAPS SYSTEMIC.
    If so? Well, I’ll find out. But only 1 way, and it’s a legal process. Before 6k was given away after this attorney LIED. Well, my theopist says; RIGHT THE WRONGS, if any…… We will see. Before the fee petition farce, I rated this ALJ AS 5 stars. Not because he APPROVED ME. Docs made that possible, but his attention to MY DETAILS, not attorneys is where he lost me.

  3. Sandra Thompson says:

    This is Sandra Thompson 335-62-0969. you saw my case back around January 2017. I had been approved an all. But social security is giving me a real terrible time and will not take the time to explain which spend down they need. I have given them nearly everything and I feel they are playing games. I emailed my attorney also because I feel like they are playing games and not wanting to pay me anything. What is they want. We had estate funds and now that money is gone but what reciepts. The reciepts of each amount that was sent or what? No one is talking and I am about to loose my rental home. I should have already had this done and over. I will be in the streets again and this time right after I have surgery done. This Mrs. Villarreal is mean and all the others on that Aldine Mail Route office are. They keep saying no we need reciepts but will not ever take the time to tell me which sets of reciepts. Is there form of some kind the executor of the estate needs to fill out and have me turn in or what. I do not know. I total frustrated and very upset right now. I am being treated very unfair and it needs to stop. To let you know that Aldine Mail Route is mostly all blacks and I am white and I sense some discrimination going on here. I hope not but I have attempted suicide several times to no success because I cannot just do it. But these people are giving me the total run around and state they over power everything and anything the judge grants. That office is corrupt probably like almost all of them. Some please explain to me what I need. Thanks.

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