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  1. Anonymous says:

    I found Judge Boyce to be very firm, but fair. She listened and asked good fact finding questions, and I never felt demeaned or spoken down to in the slightest. I felt respected as a person even when she called for more detailed answers. Be prepared, polite (not grovely) and honest, and you’ll have a good interaction with her.

  2. Disabled more ten years says:

    Very slow judge! She will pretend that she’s listening to you and that shes doing you a favor do not! I repeat do not fall for her trapped. She is there to outright denied your claim. She will not look at the medical records that will support your claim, she will give the most absurd reason to denied your claim, be very very careful what u say she will use it against you. The only way she’ll approve your case is if you’re dead or dying! I wish she could feel my pain and suffering and I guaranteed that she will not last for a day! Nobody wants to be disabled and it’s not like we’re asking for a hand out! Karma will soon catch up to these brutal unfair judges. The burden social security has put me through def put a tolls on my mental health.

  3. K says:

    Worse judge ever! My doctor clearly stated that I could not perform any type of work even sedentary works! Have all the medical evidences in the world to prove that I’m disabled. All the attorneys know who judge Kimberly Boyce is and how unfair she is and that she does not follow the rules. I truly believe she deserved to lose her seat as an ALJ. Note: attorneys will not take your case as soon as they hear judge Boyce’s name therefore, I will file a complaint against her and take it to the top.

  4. Frustration Nation. says:

    This is the slowest Judge, with the highest dismissal rate, the highest turn down rate and the lowest approval rate for not only Seattle but comparatively. They should be paid according to how many cases they work, then it wouldn’t drag on for months, sometimes years. Hopefully they will allow families to hold these judges responsible when their actions result in claimants taking their own lives due to the stress and grief they cause. If I could rate with negative stars I would.

  5. Albert M Venti says:

    You may find in the future that she did you a big favor…Many time opportunity comes disguised as disaster. You will be surprised that what transpired will be an asset in the futre.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I showed up with RA, severe depression, two herniated discs and a neurostimulator implant. I was postponed for over a year, until my “date last insured” ran out. Then I was denied. I nearly killed myself from grief.
    If you get this judge, go crazy or something in the court room. Get it thrown out, or moved.
    Good luck.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Judge Boyce’s job is not to fairly take in the information and judge it, it is to turn down as many cases as possible. You can tell this from the second she opens her mouth. She acts as if you are an annoyance to her; rolls her eyes, groans, etc. If you give her an answer that doesn’t fit her agenda she gets angry. I knew from minute one that I had no chance. Even with her own witnesses saying I could not work, she turned me down. If I could rate her negative stars I would. She obviously is not qualified for this position nor to judge the evidence. Everything is based off of her personal feelings.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Not much to say about Judge Boyce that hasn’t already been said. She’s a horrible judge who was trained like a parrot to say “No.” You know they call the documents they produce “opinion statements?” That is because they’re not qualified to determine whether or not someone is disabled. And they’re not meant to. They’re meant to interpret the evidence. Judge Boyce doesn’t care about evidence, though. She’s there to tear you down and say “no.”

    She said she “didn’t understand how having money would help my mental state.”

    Clearly she’s never felt actual hunger or cold. Clearly she knows nothing about mental health issues, or at least has grown so soulless that she’s willing to blanket deny people no matter what.

    With the vocational expert sitting next to her saying “I don’t think this person would be able to find/hold a job competitively even as a janitor” she denied. Even with a stack of paper 7 inches thick documenting life-long chronic depression, social anxiety, chronic recurring migraines, PTSD, and a bunch of other issues, “no.”

    If you have Judge Boyce, give up any hope of winning your case now. No matter what paperwork you have. Cancel the hearing, start over.

  9. kimmy boyce-boyce says:

    15% approval rating in a job meant to help sick and mentally ill people is disgusting. All of her male counterparts have higher approval ratings. Woman judge feels like she has to prove something by denying and ultimately killing off her judgements. Please go do another job.

  10. james russell terry says:

    Not a pleasant situation dealing with Her meat grinder style of Judgement. She has no place being a Judge.

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