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  1. Tracey sexton. says:

    I have been trying for the last ten years to get disa ility I am unable to work I have a herniated disc degenerative disc disease arthritis in my back knees and poss hips. I worked for white castle as a manager for five years until my Dr finally put me off work. Right now I’m living off someone and I can’t stand the face that I can’t take care of myself first ancially sometimes physically. Its very hard to accept that this is how I’m going to have to live the rest of my life. I need help I cannot work I can’t even do housework its embarrassing to be so helpless. Please help me this is my last hope. I have attorneys MYLER disability we’ve bee. Work in on this for the lat yr and a half or more I just recently got health I surance so it’s been hard to prove I am disabled when I couldn’t get the test I needed. Your my last hope I beg of you to please review my case. I filed back in 2005 2006 and was denied I’m sure all my information is still there I had attorneys Barry and associates then but we lost our case and I do t k ow why I can barely function o. A daily basis I never leave my home because of the pain I’m in. please help me. Thank you Tracey sexton

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