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  1. Anonymous says:

    This will be my next hearing come March of 2020 after being denied at the beginning of January at my first hearing. I pray that whatever judge the Lord guides to me through with my next hearing and that they understand my everyday struggle with my mental health, and not assume I’m okay. Just about everyday is a struggle. I don’t think the last judge Koren Mueller really didn’t understand my mental state

  2. Brietta C says:

    Recently had my hearing with her and I believe she is an overall very nice judge. Just waiting on a decision as of now but other than that she didnt seem as bad as people making her out to be. She’s just doing her job.

  3. Steve says:

    Korin Mueller has one of the lowest case approval ratings. If you are unfortunate enough to have her appointed as your Judge, consider your hearing as only a formality. How there can be a 40% difference between Judges approval of cases is beyond me. The judge you are assigned is most important part of deciding your approval for SSD. How you dress, behave, or answer questions is secondary. The most important factor is the Judge that you are assigned. Just hope that the Judge lottery does not appoint Korin Mueller as your judge.

  4. William riley says:

    She very fair

  5. Anonymous says:

    I am writing this to all who give judges 5 stars before they hear results and also to the nature of the disability system in MO which is legitimately corrupt. I believe judges should be fair and reasonable and LISTEN to the medical reasons for a disability as well as examine Dr. records. Some judges will do this and still reject your claim. Others will be rude and talk over your comments and ignore everything you say just to deny you. This is wrong and these judges need to be removed from the bench. The press should have revealed this long ago.

    From my understanding, the system uses the monies for disability claims to also pay the judges and then give them a bonus if they deny claims more than approve if there is money left over. This is highly questionable and unfair.

    I believe the entire system needs to be setup again properly with good judges and a fair payment to them for service not from the funds of the afflicted. I hope Governor-Elect Eric Greitens can clean up and drain prejudicial and unfair swamp soon! St. Louis and MO is in dire need of a major change in our judicial system to make it fair and equitable for real hurting disabled individuals and not give out awards for skin color or any other reason.

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