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  1. Anonymous says:

    I went to my hearing schedule for 1130 i was rushed because the other ppl didnt show for there hearing i was shot and not able to return to work i had all proper paperwork medical records and the vocational expert wasnt able to find me a job i was completely honest didnt think i would be denied for a broken pelvis and the severity of my injury and mental i was a everyday working tax paying citizen now im not able to provide for my kids everyday needs and my health because i was a victim of a crime i had no control over hoping for the best on my appeal

  2. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t recieved a decision as of this date, had my hearing the end of Feb 19. No matter the decision, this Judge was professional, compassionate, and any other quality I would want someone to have who was hearing what is embarrassing to me. I did not represent myself and I was given this Judge’s undivided attention.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This Judge gets zero stars. This approval rate of 24% says it all. Her goal is not to weigh the facts or consider the evidence in an impartial fashion, but it is to scour the record for anything to defeat the claim. What is most objectionable about this Judge is that she takes so long in handing down her decisions. Twelve months is not unusual for this Judge. Claimants who wait two years and more to get his hearing, have to wait close to another year. There is no excuse for this. The average wait to get a decision is three months. Not for this Judge. If you draw this Judge good luck. You will need it.

  4. CEPJ says:

    I must admit that I went before this judge with overwhelming feelings of anxiety but just hoped and prayed for the best outcome based on my truth. Though her statistics show her to be tough, I think it’s more that she is a no non sense judge. I found her to be very compassionate as if she was hearing someone like me for the first time ever; I had her undivided attention. She was making reference to my records so that I knew she’d read them. She challenged some of the contents in my records but I never felt bullied. She made me feel that she cared and I honestly believed that she did and could relate to my circumstances and how those circumstances led me to require assistance. I use to say that I want my life back however I have come to accept that it may not even be possible so now I just pray for a normal life again. I’m more than grateful for her professionalism and compassion.

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