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  1. B. Arthur says:

    I’ve been before many judges in the past and have never cared for their arrogance, this is my courtroom and that sort of thing. Ehrman didn’t come off that way at all, but I don’t believe that he listened to me either. The dangerous part about this ALJ is that he’ll smile and be cordial all the while knowing he’s going to give you an unfavorable decision. This is especially true if your case is based on mental illness or mostly on mental illness. He has no understanding of it and/or does not believe that it exists. I’ve collectively spent 22 hours reading over 14 of his recent cases and am completely amazed that the SSA has supported him on practically all of his decisions. Many of these cases have had supporting docs from MDs and DOs some with more than 40 supporting pages of evidence. At the end of many Ehrman states, “Well, while you can no longer do this you can still do blah blah blah.” This is what happened to me and now my case is at the federal level. We all need to lobby that when a claimant requests a review of an unfavorable decision case that it be reviewed by another ALJ in another jurisdiction of our choosing. This could be another county or another state. This will be an extra measure to ensure fairness and accuracy. Kinda like two pilots in the cockpit. If you see Ehrman on the schedule as your judge then tell your lawyer that you’d like to reschedule. His average of denials are far higher than the national average. Perhaps that’s how he get his bonus.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I was diagnosed with Septis vasculitis Lupus back in Dec. 2017. I have been taken out of work by my Rheumatologist at that time. I was assigned this Judge for my upcoming hearing this Jan. This decease can kill me if I do not take precautions such as taking the proper medicine. My condition was presented on TV on Dr. G., Medical Examinier, and when I saw what my type of decease can do to me, I can no longer sleep at night. Seeing this Judge thinks he a doctor maybe he will understand my condition better than me and my Rheumatologist and allow to collect disability. We will have to wait and see I guess. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  3. MS says:

    If Kurt Ehrman is such an expert in the medical industry by denying everyone disability, then I want to see his medical license.

  4. MS says:

    I refuse to call this man a judge. He should not even be allowed to judge a dog show! He was very biased, he had no compassion and before I could sit down he was already saying my case was unfavorable… I have learned that he says that prior too all hearings he wants to denied while microphone and recordings are off. I did not he was such an expert in medicine. WOW! He knows more than doctors. I have had multiple hip, shoulder and back surgeries and I can barely function. yet he denied me benefits!

  5. lb says:

    He was very biased, he had no compassion and before I could sit down he was already saying my case was unfavorable.

  6. Linda A says:

    Judge Ehrman has not ruled on my case yet. However. Honestly regardless of his decision. I owe him to say thank you for making it an easy experience at the hearing. I was extremely nervous. Scared even. However as soon as he greeted me with respect and started to explain the process in a pleasant way I was much calmer. Judge Ehrman stayed very calm. Patient respectful and very kind through out the hearing. Thank you very much.

  7. Linda A says:

    Judge Ehrman has not made a decision yet on my case. However regardless of his decision. I have to say he was such a professional, pleasant, clear,understanding. And just a very nice person through out the trial. I was extremely nervous and kind of scared but as soon as he greeted me and started to explain the process in a very calling way. O felt much better. Very patient and great person. I owe him to say thank you for making it an easy experience.

  8. Anonymous says:

    very unfair judge

  9. Anonymous says:

    A hateful, biased man.

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