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  1. Steven m potter says:

    No one is listening

  2. Steven m potter says:

    My doctor’s told me that I had one thing and charged me money for treatment but then told the judge that I was fine!! Then the consultant exam from SSI was texting someone while he was supposed to be giving me an exam!!!

    I have never been involved with so many liers!!! These people are all losers!!

    Lies lies lies!!!

    Don’t waste your time just go and gang yourself cause that is you only option!

  3. Steven m potter says:

    Don’t waste your time! They will take truths and make them anything that works to their advantage. My BS rheumatologist tell me that I have spondylitis and give me poison that does work and says that I am better after it doesn’t work and then gives me something stronger that doesn’t work and then something else that doesn’t work finally they said there is nothing that they can do and that I will only get worse. So they dropped me and said they cannot help me and referred me to pain management seeing how I got better!! All of my medical records are contradictory to what the doctors told lies lies lies!!!!!

  4. Steven m potter says:

    I put so much FAITH in this guy.But like everyone else whom I thought cared just goes to show you i can not trust anyone. The CDC calls it abandonment I call just another LIE and more false hope. I thought if I could just make it until the hearing that I might be able to keep on living with just a little help.There is no reason to live in a world of lies and deceit. SSI if a fraud!

  5. Steven m potter says:

    The VE said I cannot return to my old job and the VE said there were no jobs that I could do. My medical records show everything that that would make me me eligible for help! 4years of compiling evidence and I was still rejected!

  6. steven says:

    I am not sure how it will turn out. ALJ Davis! This fellow really does care.. He was really listening, I cannot describe it. I feared that i would say to much, so i paraphrased how i felt to keep it short and to the point and i feel like he heard what i was trying to convey…if i am denied i hope that i feel the same way, but at that point nothing will really matter, because i tried, and i am running out of energy. Hypertension mixed with depression is an awful mix.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I think the judge is 50% fair he listens to a social worker that says you can or cant work. In my case she was unfair and bias. Fact in case is I was able to work in child care. I’m an old man over 50 working in child care and the jobs she read off OR NOT ON FILE at the dept. of labor.
    I see that she is very biased and needs to be moved to another dept due to the jobs she makes up.

  8. Randy Foster says:

    I know Judge Davis for more then 30 years, Outstanding Person and Judge, he is the best to handle your case.

  9. gwendolyn hudson says:

    never been b4 a judge.This judge appeared sincere.i don’this decision but felt he wad fair.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Judge Davis is an outstanding judge ………

    He cares…..

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