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  1. Rachel pruitt says:

    Im going in front of this judge soon. I know each case is different i just hope and pray this judge is fair then i know ill have a chance i have so many medical problems its un real. I just pray to god they are fair

  2. Tracy says:

    Had my hearing on 12/15/2017 everyone was very nice and judge Davis seemed like he cared what I had to say.. I have to wait for my decision but it was not stressful. I just told the truth.. all I can do!

  3. **** *** ******... says:

    someone needs to hang this ******.. Hes fighting for attorneys and our loving federal gov… **** him.. ***** look me and show up at my door ****** and i will ***** you in your ******* face. now you can say i am not disabled. dare you *****…lol

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