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  1. Anonymous says:

    This judge told my brother in law that he was stupid and he didn’t care that my brother in law had Colon cancer and prostate cancer. My brother in law is having his colon and prostate removed tomorrow. We may not be smart enough to go to law school but we were brought up to know you don’t disrespect someone by calling them stupid. I think this judge needs to take a good look in the mirror, he might just see stupid looking back at him. My Brother in Law will have to wear a colostomy bag and a ostomy bag……..and he doesnt qualify for SSC/Disibility??? Yes sitting in a chair and judging people he would be able to work but he does construction so you tell me how he is not qualified? SMH! Very disappointed in the in the judicial process…isn’t this why we pay into SSC?? this judge is cold hearted and mean. Good luck to anyone who goes before him!

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