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  1. Melissa Gunter says:

    Just had a hearing with Judge Smith yesterday. She seemed fair and easy to talk to and willing to listen to what I had to say. She is having to collect more medical records that were not in her file hopefully this will help her decide in my favor because I really need it. Overall I think she is the first ALJ that I have had that has truly listened to me. Praying to God’s and crossing my fingers that I will now get my favorable decision.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I had my hearing with LR Bailey Smith recently and instead of asking appropriate questions pertaining to my physical and mental health, she proceeded to pass judgement and berate me about something she doesn’t know the factors and schedules are about,I couldn’t give the details because she made her mind up by the time I left the hearing.She is rude and condisending. My faith is in God Almighty and he will shine through the darkness. Rating is a -0 Stars

  3. Brian says:

    Had my hearing with Judge LR Bailey Smith today. Not sure how it will turn out but she seemed professional and well spoken. I was uncomfortable and in a little pain but she was patient with me even when I accidentally interrupted her. I have no idea how my case will be decided but I think she gave me a fair shot at presenting my case. It’s in God’s hands now. I have to trust in that.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Very unfair judge. Did not ask me any questions about my condition, yelled at my lawyer for simply asking me a question, she had her mind made up before I ever went to the hearing. She said she puts no weight in the doctors opinions that have been treating me for over five years. This judge went out of her way to twist the truth and hurt me. I’m 100% disabled and will be homeless because of this nasty woman. This system needs to be overhauled. If you’re a white man you don’t have a chance of getting disability with this judge.

  5. ZRW says:

    Judge Bailey, in my opinion is a fair and empathetic judge and person. I really feel that she cares about the people she serve and our situations, and does her best to rule fairly. I felt very comfortable talking to her and I feel that she related to my pain inside, what she couldn’t see, but as a human being, could feel.

  6. Terry says:

    Just wanted to say a big thank you to Judge BaileySmith. I had my hearing with her by video conference on September 16,2015. I was nervous and scared like anyone would be but she made my experience pleasant . On December 4,2015 I received her decision and I thank GOD it was in my favor. I won the disability hearing so I will be receiving Social Security Benefits. You have truly made this a Christmas to be thankful for. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…………

  7. Fred JR Commodore says:

    I was recently denied with all the health problems I have such as congestive heart failure what’s a pacemaker /defibrillator, kidney failure, diabetes which I have to take three shots per day, asthma, shoulder replacement which I can’t lift 10 pounds ever, arthritis, gout, plum sized hernia in my testicles, walnut sized hernia in my stomach, lungs constantly filled with fluid I mean making it difficult for me to breathe. I had to go back to work doing a different occupation because I was denied Social Security 5 times before that so I had to work to pay my bills and was hospitalized three times in 10 months of working at the new job, also I’m on 13 different medications which makes me dizzy and sleepy, by my working I had to skip dosage which made my conditions worse, the judge did not take that into consideration she pretty much denied me for going back to work. Very unfair judge I guess she get big bonuses for denying people.

  8. Terry says:

    Had my hearing today with Judge Bailey Smith and I just want to tell her thank you for being so polite,explaining the process, and listening to what I had to say. As far as I am concern she is doing her job well and yes she asked some tough questions I just answered truthfully and I am putting it in GOD’S HANDS and will wait for the outcome. I pray that it is in my favor but who knows.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I do not believe that Judge BaileySmith makes fair decisions regarding social security disability. In my decision she stated that she gave NO weight to the governments doctor that evaluated me and stated I should not work around people. She stated she gave NO or no weight to my treating doctor who said I did not need to work. She did give weight to a doctor that I saw for 8 weeks & that I told constantly I was still in pain, but he told me to wait a month and see if I was still hurting…
    She stated I could sit for 30 min/then stand for 30 min all day and work like that. But my medical records state I am in pain if I sit or stand. They also state my medication makes me drowsy, as I’ve fallen asleep twise on the interstate already trying to do the right thing & work and not ask for help. But since Judge Bailysmith wants me to work if I hurt myself, or someone else because she chose not to believe factual statements from medical professionals and the patient then it will be her that has to live with that decision because I have not driven more than 5 miles I since it got so scared from falling asleep at the wheel after being kept up all night in severe pain. I didn’t want to stop working, I had to quit working. I do understand that there are people that don’t deserve it, but this is something I actually needed. I’ve never ask anyone for help before, and I’ve worked since I was 15 years old. I didn’t ask for this pain. It’s hard to understand unless you live in my shoes.

  10. Anonymous says:

    This judge was very sympathetic and empathetic. She was kind, patient, and was willing to listen. I broke down often during the hearing, as the whole ordeal of the past several years has taken a toll on me. I do not WANT to be disabled, but I am. I think she understood that I wasn’t just someone looking to avoid work, or trying to get it for an equally undeserving claim. I may get denied, but I do feel that she will be fair. Crossing my fingers at this point, and thanking her for trying to put me at ease, and trying to do her job well. Thanks Judge.

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