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  1. Lori Spivey says:

    This judge is very unfair and if you ask me evil because my husband has been fighting for disability for 8 years we have all of the doctor proof and everything for that 8 years and she still denied him because she herself didn’t believe and instead of taking evidence in she denied him again a second time of disability and he is already 55 years old and he can barely get around and do what he needs to do and he’s in so much pain every single day of his life shame on her for doing the things that she has done not only to him but also to other people she even spoke to him like he was going to get it and said that he has waited long enough and he she would get this together as soon as possible for him so she purposely said it that way to make him feel like that he was going to get it how wrong and how hateful she has the Lord to look to now and trust me God will take care of it

  2. No name says:

    Denied and actually died days later. I guess judges are qualified doctors now.

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