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  1. Robert justice says:

    She not too bright and dosent follow any law

  2. Anthony davis says:

    She dont care .

  3. Shawn polk says:

    What a joke

  4. Judy craig says:

    Shes not all there

  5. Steve windo says:

    Fire her

  6. Brian benco says:

    She needs to be retrained

  7. Lia lee says:

    So i guess i can work if i have radiculopathy on my leg .maybe she should try it

  8. Dave winfield says:

    She does not know the law and does not look at evidence .

  9. Mark johnson says:

    Worst judge ever

  10. Christine Ann Mazalewsky says:

    Judge Lana Johnson! Thank you for your favorable decision in regard to my claim! You saved my life, and I am now able to put 100% of my time to management of my disabilities in hopes I can improve my quality of life.

    Christine M.

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