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  1. L Smith says:

    He will not approve of you if you are white!!! It’s time for them to fire him or make him retire. The worst Judge Ever!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    This Judge can be very abusive/disrespectful/unprofessional to claimants and their representatives. If he shows that behavior in your case, report this to: OHO.R4.Atlanta.RO@ssa.gov which is the regional chief Judge in Atlanta. Be specific as to what he did.

  3. Magnitzky says:

    I just went before him with my case. I do not know the answer yet. I want to have hope but my only hope is that he heard my testimony and that my being honest shows him that this is a legitimate case and I should be approved.
    It has been extremely difficult for me to go through this. I am a prisoner of pain and financial struggle. I despise the fact that people abuse the system and cause people like myself to have to go through these things.
    It isn’t the judges fault that they have to be so strict. I found that he will listen to what you have to say. He does want proof. The unfortunate fact of my case is that sometimes you just can’t prove an illness that even doctors don’t fully understand. And when the medical field let’s you down for no good reason it’s even harder to prove. We spend so much money on health care yet we get interrogated by health care professionals that we must be lying because they either don’t know the answer or don’t want to look wrong. Judge Williams seems to be a good man In general. His job must be very difficult.
    I can only hope that God sent to his heart my prayers and that he saw my integrity. If my case is not approved, I don’t blame him, I blame the people who take advantage of the system. My prayers are with others like myself who really need this. May God be with all of those who endure pain and a poor quality of life.

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