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  1. catherine cooper-wright says:

    hello, iam catherine aka gale cooper, i sent communication about my daughter diamond jack-cooper, we lhave lived in ********************** 16 years now own a home at *** **** ***** *** *** ******* **** **** ******* ****** from historical Langston Golf Cours. I began getting Blackmail letters demands $10thousand , farmland,live animal stocks, crops or i die. Home vandalism, desecration thefts mail, keys, cash,checks,photo and other personal identification she and i , this was during the time social security payment was approved had been sent also out to maryland??no lump sum as i had applied in the past but denied , Maryland office also became involved. I worked as LPN Nurse 30 years also a writter,author and poet since Alice Deal Junior High days. I will keep this brief since i sent you a prior email in reguards. I am on a (respite) stay in Unique nursing home former J.B. Johnson *** ***** **** **** Kendra katherine Cooper i allowed her to assist me (because of the Blackmail threat if i needed assistance to do banking for 6 months then removed only for that purpose intended. I am of sound right mind,judgement,intelligence walking and doing all care self.I am getting good care but neeed to get home a guy George (Yarks) johnson, i met after xhusband Andre Sylvester Wright Sr. i hear his family (politican) Jack B. Johnson may have owned this place.I now find out they are related to and know Diamond her farther Lyndon Anthony Jack Sr. are Fbi/Police/Cia agents. I worked down Lorton Va. Correctional Facility as a correctional officer and he and my xbrither in law Willam Patterson and a former co-worker’s husband who came down to teach my class Terry Hill (correctional white shirt) may have tried to follow me about a sexual harrassment suit class actions not good. $18thousand first payment, more than a few years later $10thousand final and paid tax on it. Malvo and Mohommad driving blue caprice on Gallatin street with me turned on to Georgia Ave later killing at Eastern ave.,D.C. Snipers i was comming from late evening medication pass at Careco Group Home blessed and got home safe. Thanks Catherine please follow up with me ASAP no response yet. I know i am not the only one corresponding with request. P.S. catherine

  2. catherine cooper-wright says:

    hello, Judge Banks, I am Catherine Cooper-Wright i came before you for a hearing to request disability benefits for my youngest daughter Diamond Jack-Cooper i had been denied many times disabilty benefits she and my self i have worked for last 30 years as LPN Nurse and salary over by just a few hundreds you did approve. I nere got a lump sum of back payments , much began going on i was being blackmailed recieved letter of demands $10thousand dollars,farmland,livestock,crops or i (die) that house and car are aggrevate cement trucks white and blue with aggrevate written on the side began riding the area. I live in ********************** *** **** ** ******. . I am also a writter,author and poet those days began at ***** **** *** **** i was sent in for a contest by my teacher. I was very anxious comming to the hearing and i really thought i knew you from **** *** ******** ** **** and school but i did not want to sway or influence your professional decision.My oldest daughter Kendra began doing an unhealthy role reversal but i am being blackmailed so i allowed her for 6 months personal representative to handle my benefits i was always competent and still am of sound mind,judgement,intelligence. Diamond was premature birth ,low birthweight , never labled until riverterrace school mental retarded and i had a meeting with Mr. Holt about mislabelling and he changed to developmental delays service you can review. I never filed for birth injury law suit , but after she does goes to private Brideges Academy Jr High, and begins Fort Dupont Seven Day Adventist High School, i request attorney ****************?? to obtain medical records i can and there team of professionals will interrpet that was all i signed for, recieved office adminstration letter to get a lawyer immediately she never return to work again.Diamond has doctor Cordera and Kaiser, i took her last to Dr. Artis-Trower a Family Medicine i have known since she was an Registered Nurse i met her at her sisters and she gave diamond 13/14 yrs physical exam , immunization and did blood work . I have been seen regulary at Kaiser as well and Dr. Artis-Trower now also specializes in Psychiatry. I have the police doing weekly checks at my property, and daughters going buy to check or riding by.contact me at ****** ******* **** *** ***** **** **** ****** **** **** *** ******** on a( respite )stay.I need to get home now walking and doing all care independently. I survived a hitand run brake failure near death and later with diamond a hit and run got the driver at apartment front and got the police to take report we did therapy paid out $5/6thousand ???money we were fully insured. I did bakruptcy and paid through the court force out of job went to do med pass for Dr. Trowers husband Alternative Solution for Youths unaware that many may be doing an orchestration for failure on me. I am divorced Andre Sylvester Wright in the late 80’s he i hear went to Wilson with Karryl Kinard Dina/Myra. Thanks Catherine , diamonds father Lyndon Anthony Jack, kendra’s father Richard Gillorey ??(DNA) I hear they are related to former President Obma/Michelle????

  3. Anonymous says:

    **** *** ***. I am a person who needs help and you did nothing but talk down to me. Your nothing but a ***** ** ****. Who the **** of you to tell me that I look fine and not disabled. *** ** ****, *** ***** ********

  4. Askme Myname says:

    hey Banks, just want you to realize that now i have a lawyer, a psychiatrist and although i am still in shock by your denial,(and so are my lawyer and psychiatrist…and my family and “friends” too.) im not giving up. although my plight may have been lengthened by your verdict(that i respectfully think was and is a mis-informed verdict %100), i didnt let the repercussions of my TBI take control and make me give up on my life, i just kept on keepin on, no matter what obstacle your mis-informed verdict was for me to live through. if there are ANY other judges reading this post please please do feel free to comment here and advise me

  5. Anonymous says:

    i came to court with a written letter from my primary doctor who has seen the repercussions of my Traumatic Brain Injury over the past 10 years who stated that i did suffer a TBI and that I NEED HELP. i also brought a statement from an accredited psychologist saying i cant work. also documented facts that i was telling the truth. and still Banks denied me ANY help. its like a continual slap in the face for me EVERY SINGLE MINUTE. so should we ever meet in court again, i will absolutely NEED and require your full help. how can i possibly end this message with “thanks”…id like to but im sorry but i cannot

  6. Anonymous says:

    hey Banks…i have a TBI and PTSD, im documented and diagnosed with clinical depression…all 100% due to my TBI and the PTSD that followed and if anyone else contests that, talk to me directly or look it up. its documented. i waited 14 months to see you…how could you deny me any help? i came to you in DESPERATE need of help and you closed your door on me, and it has ruined every minute of my life since i last saw you. i came to you for help. now im told it takes THREE MORE YEARS to be seen by any another judge…? something isn’t right here, i was not making anything up. i just needed your help…you could have helped me Banks. but you chose NOT to help me. i am not thankful for that at all. i was honest and clear

  7. Motherof2 says:

    I think he was a hones, but its been a while and I still haven’t heard anything. I am happy he taking time out to think about it because I am really one of the ones who need the help. I see people who dnt need to get it fast when mothers like me with a ,4 &7 year old. I tried my hardest to live without my medicine so I can try to work and I can’t. Now its so hard to get this disability but everything is a process. They judge based on facts not personal thoughts because theses judges dnt know us. Stop bashing them and pick up a book. Read up on the process. Thanks Judge Banks for being respectful even tho I was in there the day after my birthday but he is a very decent man… The law field is only for tiger’s only…

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