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  1. Meniere's Sufferer says:

    This judge is a real piece of work. He does not base his decisions on evidence presented, but rather his feelings and assumptions. He clearly has no knowledge of the SSA guidlines regarding Vestibular Labyrinthine Dysfunction, and only seems to focus on hearing issues rather than the more severe balance and vertigo symptoms associated with Meniere’s Disease. The fight just getting to this stage was a nightmare, and to have this heartless, pathetic excuse for a human being flat out deny my case without any real consideration was nearly enough to push me to the edge and end my own life.

  2. Linda Gaona says:

    I had my 13th hearing on the 25th with Judge Shepherd. I first applied June 2012, however this time when I got my hearing notice from Judge Shepherd’s office they are actually going back to May 22, 2010. I had my hearing over the phone due to the pandemic, he was very understanding I kept getting cramps in my spine and kept saying ouch and he gave me time to get comfortable, and reposition my self, he asked the vocational speaker if someone with some of limitations could do the previous work she said yes, HOWEVER WHEN HE ASKED IF SOMEONE WITH ALL OF MY LIMITATIONS COULD DO IT SHE SAID NO. He then started the hearing was over and he would get with me in 10 days. I am waiting for my dession so hopefully after 10 years I am approved. But out of all of my hearing he is one of the NICEST JUDGES VERY UNDERSTANDING.

  3. Fukusheherd says:

    He’s heartless and will try his best not to approve your case that’s why he has the absolute lowest approval rating in the entire state of Oklahoma and denied my wife’s case when she clearly has plenty of medical evidence proving her case and her attorney at Forbes and Forbes was worthless at the hearing and not saying much at all to the judge during the court date and not defending her case so if your planning on using her as your attorney I would definitely find another one her case is in appeals council as of now awaiting a decision which has been nearly 6 months now and i know it will take a year or two to more likely have to go to federal court so kiss my ass judge shithead you sack of dog shit!

  4. Veteran says:

    I wish I can put a zero, I am 100 percent permanent disable veteran, went thru federal appeals and return to him for the federal appeal and still got denied. Someone needs to fire him,or social security purposely gives him disable veterans on purpose since he denies seems like all of us, and yes it’s TRUE he says stuff and they don’t put it on record with his sly comments like you should be good with your va pension and working at Walmart as a greeter. He seems to enjoy destroying lives, I hope you read this. You have my info we can drink coffee to debate your evilness and I heard he was prior service at that, shame on you

  5. Anonymous says:

    It appears if you have debilitating mental health issues from a combat veteran, you will never get a fair shake with judge Shepard. It seems he does not believe in debilitating mental health cases, even when the veteran is rated 100% UNEMPLOYABLE from the Veterans Administration and being paid HOUSEBOUND compensation; folks if that alone is not the definition of not being able to work, I do not know what is. I am curious if he has ever approved a case that did not involve a physical disability… if he hasn’t that’s called bias.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Proper weight was not given to a veteran with 100 % permanent and total in mental alone. The veteran received unfavorable decision. He did not even include his degenerative joint disease. 100 % mental and is still unfavorable. That just aggravates his condition. Veterans with mental conditions are being unfairly treated and put to the wayside. He also stated items in the decision that the client never stated in the hearing. He is the highest paid SSDI judge in Oklahoma.

  7. Phil says:

    Judge Shepherd is a Very fair man, I thank him for what he has done,

  8. Ronbo says:

    Judge Shepherd was fair to me with my claim that took a year from filling date to a decision, But very slow getting out decision letter

  9. Anonymous says:

    Judge Shepherd undoubtedly has never cleaned toilets for a living and undoubtedly has no idea of the physical capacity requirements for the one who so cleans. Too bad I can’t show him how.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Judge Shepherd gave careful consideration to what is a very long and tedious process. His decision was based on 15 years of medical history and it truely a life changer for my wife and our family. It will ease the burden most of us face to survive, especially in this bad economy, and allow us to enjoy the little things in life that we have struggled with over the past 5 to 6 years. I want him to know he has made a positive difference in our lives.

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