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  1. Anonymous says:

    this judge is not for the people . he does not care about anyone. the public should be allowed to sue him personally. I do not think judges should be immune from accountability .

  2. Anonymous says:

    It has been over a year since I went before this Judge and he never made a decision. He wasn’t concerned about my health and what my doctors had provided. Just kept wondering why a middle aged white woman wasn’t working. I don’t know why he is allowed to preside over these Hearings. He is biased and rude.

  3. Annoyed says:

    Had a hearing in may 2016 and it’s now February 2017 and U still have not heard anything. I’m not gonna be very happy if I’ve waited this long and racked up a bunch of debt trying to survive just to get a denial.

  4. Anonymous says:

    One of the most hateful, smart mouth judges I’ve ever witnessed in my life. I spent 6 yrs fighting this judge. Lost all disability credits and had to reapply for ssi. I was given a different ALJ and won my case. This man is the worst of the worst.

  5. R says:

    I went in front of this Judge and all he wanted to know was where I slept and nothing about my health !!!!!

  6. Linda Gersic says:

    I was told by my attorney that Judge Butler takes Months and months to decide on disability cases. I went to see him on August 7, 2013…after already waiting 2 years to get my Hearing date with a Federal Judge. SO now I have waited 3 years. I broke my foot off my ankle in 2008. I have a plate and 6 screws holding it on. I have daily pain in my right ankle. It is tearing up my left knee that was operated on in 1996…I have a torn meniscus on my right knee and my right hip is getting worse the more I walk. I had a Nervous Breakdown in 2010 and Found out I am Manic Depressive and this whole thing with not being able to walk is driving me nuts. I have not worked…I can not work. My dyslexia is so bad I have had to back space and retype just to type this so you can read it. I want to make a Formal Complaint about Judge Larry Butler… How do I do that?

  7. sharon says:

    this judge made a decision on what he “believes” not what the evidence showed.
    this whole process has been a joke, legal people making medical decisions.
    the “Doctor” they sent me to checked my vitals, testes my reflexes all in about 5 minutes didnt even want to talk about why i was there. but this judge gave a great deal of weight to this quack who is just running a ss scam for money!!
    i dont qualify for a mental disability, but that was never my issue it was physical! what a joke. i want to know who he has approved and how long he has sat on other decisions.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I really don’t know what kind of judge Mr Butler is. It has been 9 months since my hearing and have not heard a peep since. He said it may take up to 2 months for a judgement, the lawyer says may be more like 4months, now at 9 months you start to wonder if he can even remember you to make a decision. Oh well.

  9. Gina Macias says:

    A fair and impartial judge.

  10. Constance Guernieri says:

    Judge Butler is a very excellent Judge. Very open minded and professional.

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