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  1. Tinman says:

    She couldn’t do the right thing and keep me on Social Security so I could keep my transplant doctors after TriCare really screwed me when my Social Security was initially denied by a person who claimed to have been a doctor but if that were the case then they need to go back to medical school; I lost all of my doctors and my insurance insisted I go to a doctor that wasn’t taking new patients and told me I was scat out of luck on getting the needed referrals to specialist doctors so I can stay alive and continue getting the life-saving, anti-rejection drugs that I need to stay alive.
    Laura Fernandez clearly does not know what she is doing an is willing to do anything to hurt a patient, especially one who needs such expert care as a heart transplant patient.
    Truly uncaring and doesn’t understand the plight of the patient or the specialized, expert medical care a heart transplant patient needs.
    A true joke of a human being and a bigger joke for a judge. Truly pathetic. I literally gave my heart in service to the United States and now I’m in a position to be killed by the very system that is supposed to keep me alive.

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