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  1. Sarah says:

    This “judge” cherry-picked my case file for anything positive I ever said to my doctor or psychologist and completely disregarded all of the negatives I complained to my doctors about. My disorder causes flares where I will have good weeks and bad weeks, but she only made her decision based on good weeks. She said a meeting I had with a psychologist hired by the ssa was not at all convincing. But a doctors opinion based on me answering two questions during the trial was “most convincing”. She’s a complete sham and should be ashamed of herself.

  2. Anon says:

    Report Laura fernandez to Division of Quality Service One Skyline Tower 5107 Leesburg Pike, Suite 1605
    Falls Church, VA 22041
    They handle misconduct complaints
    Biased discrimination: OGC 866-574-0374 write SSA Civil Rights Complaint Adjudication Office
    P.O. Box 17788
    Baltimore, MD 21235-7788
    This alj is a sadist and does hearings in a sanctuary city santa barbara which protects illegal aliens mass fraud they deny legal citizens all the time they don’t rule by the law cartels control state offices here unless trump’s reelected she denies homeless who suffer here

  3. Tinman says:

    She couldn’t do the right thing and keep me on Social Security so I could keep my transplant doctors after TriCare really screwed me when my Social Security was initially denied by a person who claimed to have been a doctor but if that were the case then they need to go back to medical school; I lost all of my doctors and my insurance insisted I go to a doctor that wasn’t taking new patients and told me I was scat out of luck on getting the needed referrals to specialist doctors so I can stay alive and continue getting the life-saving, anti-rejection drugs that I need to stay alive.
    Laura Fernandez clearly does not know what she is doing an is willing to do anything to hurt a patient, especially one who needs such expert care as a heart transplant patient.
    Truly uncaring and doesn’t understand the plight of the patient or the specialized, expert medical care a heart transplant patient needs.
    A true joke of a human being and a bigger joke for a judge. Truly pathetic. I literally gave my heart in service to the United States and now I’m in a position to be killed by the very system that is supposed to keep me alive.

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