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  1. To whom it may concern to jugde Laura McHenry I need to no do I have to wait on election in August or Novmber for my case to be heard again so please let me no because I file appeal also let your secretary no so she can set me letter thank you to go back on vtc screening or sent me a letter to the federal supreme Court call me678791-9747 Thank you

  2. Judge Laura McHenry could you look at my case again if you don’t mind this is Dexter I sent you some information about my case I would like case be open and look at I am trying to get my dad social security like for my case to be reopen this is Dexter Berry 260-41-2952 I left Mrs Velda voice mail on the phone

  3. CEEFLO says:

    I think she’s a fair judge. I went before her in September and she was thorough and straight to the point. I hope my case is approved

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