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  1. Melanie Winkler says:

    I honestly do not know which way this is going to go. I have been scraping the bottom for over two years, Considering the personal things we discussed she was extremely kind. Like I said regardless she was very kind.

  2. Appeal says:

    Schizophrenic claimant with 3 suicide attempts- the last of which involved stabbing herself in the chest and then throwing herself from the third story window of her apartment complex. All doctors document multiple marked limitations, including the post-hearing CE. All opinions rejected. This judge found this woman not disabled and perfectly capable of working.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am believing that God will be at work getting this hearing judge to hear and see the truth. That she will not be biased, but base everything on the evidence and nothung but the proof.

    I thank God in advance for being in control and the Judge for not being biased.

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