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  1. the one you denied says:

    Judge Valente***
    She is pretty manipulative in her examination and questions. She will try to trick you into lying or exaggerating, but then expects you to demonstrate your conditions right there in front of her over the phone like I’m some kind of performing artists on stage or something. total contradicting analyzing thought process in order to make a finding. she looked for a reason to discredit my witnesses and because you didn’t show a good enough example in her mind of objective evidence she will discredit all your witnesses and all their statements. she will consider state provided “medical” experts as “all seeing” fortune tellers that know everything and their findings as gold. but your witnesses or my own mother even she found away to turn what my mother said, the truth mind you, and flip against me by discrediting her. She was exactly what I didn’t want to have as my ALJ, not only is she not fair but she openly looks for reasons to deny. I worked my ass off, more than i could say about my shitty lawyers (Maren Miller Bam FYI) who basically told me that they didn’t believe in my case, but weirdly enough still took it on. If you have any doubt in your case you probably will get denied anyways, so take my advice and get a new Judge if you can, because not only will she deny your case for you, she will make you angry, frustrated, feel hopeless, helpless, homeless, she’ll lie because she abuses her power. she comes from a dinosaur period in time so she has no real firm understanding of mental health conditions. my opinion i think she has no respect or compassion for that matter for anyone standing before, and the only times she approves the cases is because she has to due to unarguable evidence. I came into this hopeful and thought this could be a chance to get help. the more and more i learned the more i realized how much of a sham this is. rich people fighting for more money all the while you leave the ones who didn’t come from entitlement and privilege to sit in squalor and fight for the little scraps and hand-me-downs. On god, in this life or the next repayment for your injustice and corruption, your failure to serve the people who needed you the most equally with fairness will be your penance. you will endure the pain and suffering of those who you condemned to suffer, as your loved ones the most. every action has a counter, reaction to action. eat shit and die signed everyone.

  2. The peoples champion says:

    I have Judge Valente coming up and all these negative reviews ARENT reassuring me any. especially since my lawyer isn’t very communicative! Lord help me!

  3. DM says:

    Ex-Military or their spouses stand a very good chance of winning from Laura V. I’ve had 4 favorable returns by ODAR and still no win after 15 years. It should be illegal to drag this out past multiple FAVORABLE findings by ODAR in the applicants favor! Instead I have lost everything! There should be a maximum of five years in the ssdi process.

  4. Jim says:

    I was denied twice by Valente. I filed in Federal Court, got a new hearing without an attorney, got a new ALJ & got a Fully-Favorable decision. So much for fairness, impartiality & discrimination on Valente’s part.

    I think, but may not be right, that Valente’s father was a lawyer in Chicago & somehow finagled this job for her & they all moved to Seattle as who wants to live in Chicago with 20+ shootings a day. I wonder if she even has a law, medical or any other degree besides a high school diploma.

  5. Jim says:

    Reading the comments it seems as if you are a woman & break down & cry throughout the hearing you will get approved.

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