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  1. Case Approved says:

    Judge Greene is a wonderful person with a kind soul, and a very broad knowledge of what it means for her clients to be disabled.

    She listens with informed interest to every word the disabled applicant has to say, an gives the truth the weight it deserves.

    She is soft-spoken, but very professional, and is not afraid to break protocol once in a while to answer a question or allow the applicant to make a statement if it is pertinent to the facts at hand.

    She is the best of the best, and if you are lucky enough to have your case heard by her, tell your story, be truthful and listen to your counsel. Don’t be freaked out by the vocational expert’s testimony about the hypotheticals, as Judge Greene understands everything about your claim before the hearing, and as long as there are no contradictions in your testimony, she will give it equal weight and perhaps rule in your favor.

    Biggest suggestion? TELL THE TRUTH, look her in the eye when speaking to her because she has earned the respect of the position as your ALJ.

    If you have a valid case, you will be taken care of in a very timely manner.

    Just do not confuse her kindness for weakness. She is a very strong and informed judge, who understands the pain you are in. No need to put on a “show” or try to fake restraint when you feel pain. Be yourself. When you first speak with Judge Greene, all your stress will melt away and the rest takes care of itself. Judge Greene is a kind, decent and wonderful soul.

  2. Tiffany says:

    I’ve heard a lot of Lawyers say good things about this judge. I attended my hearing, and although i felt sure i was in good hand., i got so nervous that i had an minor anxiety attack right in the hearing. When it was time to answer questions, i really didn’t know hw to respond. I really wish my mommy had come, even.thought my lawyer i would say did an decent job. And i agree Judge Greene seemed nice. I am more comfortable dealing with a lady then a man figure. Anyhow i am now waiting on a decision and hope i don’t have to relive the embarassment again. I couldn’t do anything but cry, just like in therapy. But staying prayed up until th en, but she gets 5stars in advance!!!

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