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  1. Just some other lawyer says:

    Just reviewing a Seventh Circuit decision where this judge did the same thing. Not only is SSM a ridiculous job that it is not performed in the US economy, the fact that the keeps prodding VE’s to cite it is gross. No one believes the Judge’s line about “just because SSA is paying your fee, can you be impartial?”

    No ONE believes that, so, when you put your thumb on the scales to direct the VE to a finding, 95% of VE’s will fold.

    Thanks to Jeff Sutton and the rest of the goons in Cincinnati for making these people virtual kings with no oversight.

  2. Just some lawyer says:

    I reviewed a case from this ALJ today of a young lady born with shoulder deformities. Her shoulders frequently dislocate, even under the slightest pressure. An RFC limited to sedentary with no reaching resulted in no jobs, until this ALJ put her thumb on the scale and convinced the Ve to cite the laughable and non-existent of Surveillance System Monitor. Judge Burstein then denied this congenitally disabled woman by saying she could go to this ridiculous job. And, my only question is why? Why do they use regulations to hurt people? It’s unnecessary and unfair.

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