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  1. Jer says:

    I had my hearing 11/26/19 I have sick sinus syndrom unaccompanied by restrictive lung disease and populations with pacemaker on meds that keep me run down and tired all the time Dr said I could not hold up to work judge asked no questions of vocational expert lawyer had to do that expert said no work judge didn’t ask me or lawyer any real questions but she still denied my case she doesn’t care like other comments she acts like she will have a hard time but in reality she all ready knows she is gonna deny you before you even enter the court room if you get this judge it will be a waist of your time Just go ahead and except I denial the ssa apparently has her in their pocket iv worked all my life up until I got sick and to be denied whats mine makes me sick to my stomach the system is rigged against people who truly need help this judge should be made to step down but that won’t happen because she is saving the ssa to much money my lawyer even said I had a very strong case this lady should be ashamed of herself but she isn’t her wallet is apparently getting to fat to show any shame

  2. Anonymous says:

    This Judge acts like she will have a hard time making a decision on your case after the hearing, but the truth is that she will deny any case she possibly can that she thinks she can get away with. Your case has to be more than strong to have a chance at all and even a clearly supported case will be delightfully denied by her.

  3. Random says:

    She is very unfair
    …… I Bet most of the people she denied was black

    Racism need To Stopp

  4. William Furrer says:

    I am very Disappointed in my results and waiting from July 10 2018 to Feb 2019 to get a unfavorable decision I have never ask for anything that I haven’t worked for. I have worked busted neck that required surgery,cracked bones that I ducted taped to keep going , gout so bad I’ve cut my boots to get them on , so sick that most people would be in the hospital. Rolling out of bed most days to keep a paycheck coming in. I never missed a day at work not even after my neck surgery.But in June of 2015 after recovering from a busted leg seems like everything hit me at once. My neck pain tripled like all my nerve ending we’re on fire. Diabetes set in . High blood pressure. Started getting gout in my knees, wrist, elbows, shoulders, hands, swelling to where it looked like it was going to burst. I have trouble walking I fall a lot. Now my sight comes and goes it might last a few day or a few months. Just got it back in my left side and all sudden my right side went paralyzed with so much pain everywhere thought it was a stroke. ER for that was over 7000.00 it was named bell Poulsie . I have lost my medial assistants at the umc . Many more issues going on. I’ve lost and sold everything I ever had in my life. Took all my retirement out trying to hold onto and pay my family bills. I haven’t worked would love to and why would I want disability if I didn’t need it. I made more in two days than I would on my disability in a month….Mrs Porciello everyone is not out for a handout. But I really needed it to keep going to the Dr and all my medications . I know u have a job to do and your very good at your job. I asked for a favorable decision but I guess my case wasn’t strong enough. But I will never give up fighting for my rights. God Bless you and your family.

  5. Angie says:

    Should be removed…. very unfair

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