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  1. Matt says:

    Lawrence e blatnik is a judge that does not look at the evidence .I had my doctor fill out all the paperwork showing that I am disabled and that man ingor it this was my 4 th time trying to get disability and I work for 19 years at a company so I paid into the system and I got hurt .I will lose my house now and I am still have same medical problems and my right arm mess up now from the hearing because I had keep the phone to my ear for half hour and I told him I was in pain .hey when my time comes and I past away I know where I am going but that judge has no soul he will be in hell where he belongs and I hope soon some one fire most of these judges

  2. Sheila Larman says:

    I had a disability hearing yesterday with Judge Blatnik. I actually enjoyed the hearing, he smiled alot! (Which I did not expect of a disability judge, I guess I thought that the judges would be tired of undeserving people having hearings with them.) I was very wrong, presently surprised though. I have not recieved my decision as of it was only yesterday, in due time I will recieved it. Regardless of approved or denied, I really enjoyed his smiling face & well mannered personality.

  3. Lyle mcmillan says:

    I am dying from heart failure. Have a defibbrilator in my chest. 8% disability of right knee. Have to walk with a cane. Only 30% heart function. Severe head injuries. No education. And he still denied me. Didn’t get to call anybody up to talk. Was in and out so quick it would make your head spin. Glad to see so many scammers get monthly benefits as I am dying at my parents house in rags. Thanks to my local government.
    A life of hard work followed by an early grave with no assistance from them at all.
    Pocket that money you *****

  4. Mark Twain says:

    Unfair and dishonest. His decision was based on his own issues with alcohol consumption. My life has been destroyed because of his inability to accept the fact that some people choose not to drink.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I went before Judge Blatnik 5 weeks ago. I have not received a decision as of yet, but he seemed fair and understanding to my disability. My lawyer and I seem hopeful of a favorable decision on my case.

  6. Anonymous says:

    smart, fair, knew the record.
    I have been practicing 30 yrs, and teaching ssa law.
    I will take this judge anyday.

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