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  1. Shawn says:

    This judge has completely disregarded what experts have stated about my disability. It’s a shame that he even allowed a therapist that is actively breaking their code of ethics to have weight on the decision.
    This therapist claims that all my past therapists have done more harm than good by supporting me in pursuit of disability. That I’m only in therapy to get disability. If that’s the case, why have I been in therapy since I was 15, and the claim is only since 2012, I’m 32 as of 2021. If I were also there for only that purpose, then it’s under the therapists code of ethics that they have to either terminate or refer me elsewhere, because clearly they can’t understand my issues. The judge also made this determination based around the fact that I haven’t worked in 10 years. I would work a full time job if I could!

    Code of ethics
    Section A.11.a
    If counselors lack the competence to
    be of professional assistance to clients,
    they avoid entering or continuing
    counseling relationships. Counselors
    are knowledgeable about culturally and
    clinically appropriate referral resources
    and suggest these alternatives. If clients
    decline the suggested referrals, counsel-
    ors discontinue the relationship

  2. Anonymous says:

    This judge is a poor excuse of what our Judicial system is about! How is he allowed to go against evidence, from a Vocational Expert, a Social Security doctor and 2 other doctors that all said the same thing! He is a judge where did he get his medical degree? How can he judge someone’s pain through a video? All my doctors agreed I was disabled, so how can he go against medical evidence! My opinion is that he seen I was almost out of work credits since fighting disability for 5 years so he did not even read my file and it was a lot easier to deny me knowing that I could not re-file! But the joke is on him cause now we are going to District Court, then Federal Court, not to mention I am turning him in for Judicial misconduct for not following the laws of irrefutable evidence! I have a right to a fair hearing, I have rights! In a criminal trial they have to follow rules of evidence, there is no way around professional witnesses! All attorneys are afraid of Judges because they have to stand in front of these Judges and these judges will deny all their clients, but this judge does not scare me because I am allowed to air my opinion!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This man lied. That is all I will go into here. Applied due to Chronic Pain due to back issues, and Depression, General Anxiety, Social Anxiety, and Panic Attacks.

    He says specifically in his findings/judgement that I seemed to be comfortable at the hearing and DID NOT change positions.

    I asked, audibly in the hearing if I could adjust the mic so that I could stand at points in time as I can sit for more than 5 minutes at a time. That should have been recorded? My nephew (24 yr old vet) was there too, I stood SEVERAL times during the hearing. I was visibly shaken, sweating (I left the place with a wet shirt, essentially.) and I hurt extremely due to how long it took–even though I DID change positions AND stood/alternated.

    How is he allowed to lie?

    I mean, an OPINION on a finding is one thing. This man specifically said something that several people & mic recordings CONTRADICT.

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