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  1. Anonymous says:

    I chose to present my case without a lawyer since I know more about my condition than anyone else and had read on this website that Judge Levey was fair. Judge Levey made me feel like my case was important. He explained the issues and the hearing process. He showed that he had read my file, and asked good questions that focused on my condition and helped me to present my case. He was sympathetic and respectful and funny and kind. And at the end of the hearing he told me that he would be awarding me the benefits that I had fought for for years. In the age of Donald Trump, Judge Levey is like a welcome breath of fresh air.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Although this judge runs the most informal courtroom I have ever practiced in, he quickly shows he has read the exhibits, demonstrates great respect for the claimants and their representatives, listens to what is being said with a spirit of genuine curiosity and compassion, and questions the claimants carefully when their testimony diverges from what is contained in the record. Representatives should be prepared to present their cases (judge asks them to begin the questioning, then supplements the questioning afterwards), should prepare the claimants to deal with difficult issues (illegal drug use, reported earnings after the claimed disability onset date, receipt of unemployment benefits, unfavorable treating physician opinions, etc.) and should counsel them to tell the truth. With regard to the latter point, my experience has been that this judge is far more favorably inclined to claimants who testify truthfully (even if doing so appears to weaken the case on the merits) than to claimants who paint a picture of wholly disabling functional limitations that is contradicted by evidence in the record (objective findings, activities of daily living, previous inconsistent statements, etc.).

  3. Anonymous says:

    judge levey was informal and made me feel comfortable i hope and pray hes decision is in my favor it was by video my attorney ask most of the question and the judge was very fair and respectful to me and my wife all judges need to take a page from his book 2/12 2013

  4. Anonymous says:

    This judge is very fair and kind. I don’t know how my case will be decided but Judge Levey made me feel very comfortable. He showed that he had spent a lot of time reviewing my case before the hearing. I look forward to receiving my decision and hope that it is a favorable one.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The experience that I had with Judge Lawrence Levey was that it was the first time I have ever dealt with a government employee who was humane and respectful. He asked tough questions, but I felt that he was fair.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Judge Levey’s hearings are informal and designed to create a comfortable and non-threatening environment for claimants and representatives. He is very well acquainted with the case records, and views critically claimant attempts at lying and distortion. Attorneys and reps should be well prepared to present their cases, as this judge generally expects them to conduct the bulk of the questioning. Judge Levey’s decisions are generally well written and fair.

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