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  1. Tytianna Henderson says:

    Just wondering if anyone had a hearing recently and been approved and what is schizophrenia chances of being rewarded Ssdi

  2. david myers says:

    thank you judge lewin for approving my wife sandra rigby its been a long long road but with your help it will get easier now and she can get the meds she needs thank you

  3. Esad Turkanovic says:

    Just had hearing yesterday with judge Lewis lee.don’t know she approve me or not but she did good job I think…she is honest and professional judge

  4. David Bermingham says:

    I just wanted to say a few things. I have epilepsy, both gran mal and petit mal seizures. 2-3 gran mal a month, 4-5 petit mal a month.In my condition I cannot walk or drive to any job or even work at a job without an episode happening that could cause a life threatening injury for that matter. This is proven in my medical records. Yet somehow despite my claim medical records and all the evidence, Judge Lee Lewin denied me. Soon i will be forced to drive to a job so I can make ends meet where I will be in danger of having a seizure in hazardous places. Each day of my life is a roll of the dice not knowing when its coming or where I will be. I hope you can sleep at night. It makes me sick. You have no idea what i go through. I hope you read this.

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