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  1. Richard says:

    My father was a labor with local union. In 1988 he was diagnosed with lung cancer. He had one lung totally removed and a portion of the remaining lung was also removed. He was denied SS benefits and after two appeals the case went in front of
    Judge Leonard A Nelson. The judge was provided medical documentation confirming the cancer had metastasized
    and was now considered terminal. And yet he felt justified to deny my father his Social Security benefits. Two months later, my dad passed away. I appealled the judge’s decision and won. I hope Mr. Nelson learned of my dad’s passing and recognized that his decision was wrong. For his sake, hopefully he or his family has never had to deal with someone like himself who at the time lacked compassion and must have felt an overall sense of superior knowledge to have dismissed the doctors reports.
    I pray he’s become a better person, a better judge and a man who has learned to trust medical providers reports. Hopefully he’s learned to rule with compassion for the person seeking benefits and takes time to learn and understand there individual circumstances.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I would describe Judge Nelson as courteous, fair-minded, and compassionate, while at the same time being extremely knowledgeable and stern in the conduct of the hearing process.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am still awed by the stern but fair minded and gentlemanly manner of the judge even after he denied my appeal.

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