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  1. anonymous says:

    This man , is the most corrupt judge i ever seen. he handled my case in a unfair manner. to the point that he stated in the denial letter that i was not disable due depresion because i keeped a relationship with a girl years ago and i bring her out to eat. ” since when a person suffering from depression is judged by having a partner? today when i still read that denial letter , i cannot believe it.

    * It is important to know that he does not like to disable people under 30 years old ( everyone who knows him know that )
    * is very intelligent and will tell half truths to deny the case, especially if the SSA owe you a big retroactive
    * will look for anything from your health care providers notes to denied your case if he thinks you dont deserve your Disability.

    Good Luck if he taks your case

  2. james mccarey says:

    this gental man was just that. very understanding tough but for the right reasons… judge cooperman went trew all the papaer work very inteligent and becouse of him i can start my new beging.

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