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  1. More says:

    Update: Denied by Judge Perry-Dowdell -she is a hired gun, that is clear! I had my ALJ hearing on 11/4/2019. She denied my claim despite a preponderance of medical evidence. Her denial cited an ailment I do not have (x2), failed to reference the multiple SSA qualifying ailments I do have, she disagreed with even one of the SSA physicians and then penalized me for making the flight across country (4 hours) little did she know I had to get up every 15 minutes to walk the aisle to try and feel my legs and be wheeled off the plane in a wheelchair both flights. I was down for days following the travel. I was raised in a military and law enforcement family as well as worked in law enforcement, where we’re conditioned to not complain despite the fact you may feel like dying inside. I was also advised by counsel not to speak much as she wouldn’t care. That was clear. My advice to anyone who deserves benefits, keep fighting. And plead your case accordingly.

  2. C.More says:

    I just my hearing 11/4, it lasted 1.5hours. Unfortunately, I woke up pretty sick that morning and had traveled across the country, so I was at a bit of a disadvantage.

    I’ve read the comments on this site and while yes, she is intimidating as any and all judges probably are in that type of setting.
    I must say, Judge Perry-Dowdell is just doing her job and she does it well, she’s thorough.

    Recommendation: to anyone up for a hearing, and I’m not sure if this is allowed… perhaps jot down a few key factors you don’t want to forget to mention. I say that because I have difficulty remembering things/dates due to multiple surgeries (anesthesia). And of course hindsight is always 20/20.

    Best of luck to anyone truly deserving of benefits.

  3. Naulzy says:

    I had my hearing with Judge Perry-Dowedell on Monday morning, and my attorney informed me beforehand that she is not the judge you want to get if you’re hoping for SSI/SSDI benefits. She has the lowest approval rating of all the Administrative Law judges, so from the perspective of the taxpayers, she’s a great judge because she doesn’t just hand out social security money to everyone who applies for benefits.

    But from my perspective, the perspective of someone who nearly died from a spine injury and who spent 6 months learning to walk again, she is the worst judge you could ask for. I had a history of substance abuse, as I self medicated crippling anxiety. But she spent 50% of my hearing talking about that instead of why I can’t work and why I applied for benefits.

    I can’t stand more than 30 minutes at a time, I have permanent numbness, spasms and pain in my neck upper back that radiate down through my right leg and ankle. I can’t push pull or lift with force, and all of this was documented.

    She did not give me a decision at the hearing, so I guess it’s good news that at least she didn’t dismiss my case. We will see.

    But unless you are blind or paralyzed or something, and judge Leslie Perry-Dowdell is assigned as your judge…well, don’t get your hopes up.

  4. SLC says:

    I was told by my lawyer that the judge I got wasn’t the best and when I went in to the court room she had a look of disdain on her face like I was bothering her being there. Then she asked ****** questions like how many pets I have and how I cared for them when I live with husband who does the major work, why did I file for SSD when I was getting unemployment as I was let go due to my disability cause I couldn’t type, which the OVR guy said I could go back to work and do same thing and i flunked a online typing test. and the big thing we had to fight Greentree traffic to be there at 8 am so we left at 645 to get thru into Pgh so we were way early and husband dropped me at burger king about a block away then we walked to fed bldg after having a breakfast there and it took awhile as I had to stop n rest a couple times on my knee, ankle and back. She couldn’t get it thru her head that we were early and I didn’t want to sit on exterior steps till it opened with a bad back. After this whole ordeal she turned me down and then I found out if I appealed that decision shed get that appeal and more than likely turn it down again. So I eneded up reapplying and lost 3 yrs of time….and $.

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